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11300 dls
March 4, 2006
Ever wanted the leader of your empire to be a woman? Well, here's your chance!

Install notes;

Just unzip into your '.../My Documents/My Games' directory and it should automatically be placed where it should go.
8/22/2006 11:38:45 PM
who's sister are you using

8/12/2006 11:45:29 PM
Weird she doesn't look old and ugly, no political women is at all pretty just look at Hiliry Clinton, it's like saying most nuns are young and pretty and won't hit you with a ruleboard.

6/5/2006 11:25:32 AM
She looks young for a leader.

4/9/2006 1:19:24 AM
Can you make one where she's not in a business suit? Maybe she's in a space suit, or something like that? It looks great though!

4/8/2006 9:02:53 PM
Nice..evry leader needs first lady...or concubine at least.

4/8/2006 8:49:07 AM
What's her name ?
Address ?
Phone number ?

Plzz tell meeee !!

3/15/2006 9:42:11 PM
Very nicely done ......

3/11/2006 3:50:54 AM
Thanks! More please!

3/7/2006 9:50:08 PM
hey, make some more! we could use more women in this game

3/5/2006 5:57:30 AM
Thank you.

3/4/2006 8:11:13 PM
I really like this one.