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September 4, 2006
This utility change the cost(duration in weeks) that takes you to build things and research.
1) Just Drag and Drop the .xml file over the executable.
2) Enter the ratio of Cost compression.
3) Done.

The program will guide you...
How it Works?.Well, it searchs the value of Tags and multiply it for a ratio that could be between 0.000000001 and 9999999 more or less, you decide. So, you can use it whit any file you want, even from another mod...
NOTE: It will not set cost values lower than 10.
NOTE2: Remember to backup your original files.

Well, that's all, sorry if my english was too bad.
Good bye and Good Luck
8/19/2006 6:17:48 PM
Thanks for the feedback dude, nice to see that someone uses it.

8/18/2006 4:24:40 PM
I'm loving this utility. I stuck my tech tree to 16x it's normal and now negotiations are cutthroat when it comes to tech. I can still leave tech trading without completely out teching the AI this time. Makes the AI more challenging too since my ships are more on par with thiers and I can't just be 2 weapon technologies ahead by the time I start building ships.

I still havent finished my game but I'm glad that I can finally have a long game that spans more then 5 game years. Next I think I'll tinker with production and slow it down by half depending on how this game goes.