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December 1, 2006
A Starwars Blaster

copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf (I-Mod Productions) alias Terraner05

Check out www.stefan-gersdorf.magix.net for Trailer dir: Blaster
8/7/2007 11:31:09 PM
hey how come i dont have it what are the thumbs files for and i dont see it in the weapons category

2/8/2007 5:38:50 AM
This blaster is just a start weapon, the effect was thought as a present for the starwars mod,

once you put it in, you have it since the beginning (like the particle weapon)
If you want to research it, you have to write it in your gc2types and techtree, the information in the gc2types have to match to a technology in the techtree.

2/1/2007 8:07:38 PM
hey, i got the blaster in my research thing, and i researched it, but theres no new gun the info on the research dont evan say any new componant, its just an empty research, but i see other races using it on me, whats going on?????

1/27/2007 3:07:42 AM
great work Stef!

12/6/2006 4:45:14 AM
Hehe, no problem, have fun with them! =o)

12/5/2006 9:40:08 PM
You're my hero for this game! I've been wanting some Star Wars styled blaster weapons for this game!

12/2/2006 12:27:04 PM
Hi, thanks!

This won't replace one, it's a total independent weapon and the Damage is setted to 1 cause its not linked to any Tech so everyone can use it in game from the beginning ;o)

Hope you like it!


12/2/2006 4:27:57 AM
cool! thanks Stafen, we will sure use it!

12/2/2006 2:08:49 AM
Will this replace one of your other designs in Dark Avatar?

12/1/2006 11:52:00 AM
all into the Main directory, the readme with addthis to ... open and add the content into Data/English/GC2Types.xml

12/1/2006 11:42:09 AM
where do i unzip it?