33 kb
2010 dls
January 25, 2007
Do you want an Earth raw map similar to this? Well, this raw terrain looks like this. I also changed the Earth like planets color schemes, so they look as ocean planets but with snow, mountains and deserts (just like the original earth like planets but with less ground).

I hope you like it
2/2/2007 3:08:49 PM
I know i´ts very cumbersome to apply this mod, so i will update it.

1/31/2007 2:53:16 PM
It's very tedious to edit all that stuff. Update it so it's easier to use.

1/26/2007 5:08:05 PM
great job!!!!!!!!!
and thanks for the Credit

1/25/2007 2:12:34 PM
Please make future versions use the mods folder introduced in GC2 1.2. It makes mods much easier to use than having to manually change the core files.