110 kb
7107 dls
November 27, 2007
A Stargate mod that offers new techs and focuses on Replicators.
3/2/2008 7:53:17 PM
Anyone know where to download it?

1/30/2008 5:03:35 PM
is this DA or DL??

12/15/2007 8:28:19 PM
Question does this ad to the stargate 1.2 mod or what?

3/13/2007 7:58:55 AM
Question fer ya.......where do you put the files you download is it in the : my documents\my games\GalCiv2........?

2/22/2007 9:19:17 PM
The download only works right if downloaded in Internet Explorer not Mozzila Firefox or at least for me that is.

2/5/2007 3:36:03 PM
Neat .It worked

2/5/2007 2:55:34 PM
After I downloaded the file, I had to rename it with a .zip extension.
It woeks fine now.

2/5/2007 8:32:10 AM
But there IS no extension .

2/5/2007 1:27:52 AM
it works fine with me.. all files present with the right extension.. you might want to redownload or check your zip program

2/5/2007 1:26:51 AM
Thats ackward.. it should work fine... Maybe there is something wrong with it.. I'll test download it just to make sure

2/4/2007 5:56:32 PM
Um ...Yeah I did that already (my unzipping program of choice is 7-Zip)
but the file inside doesn't have a filename extension .My computer just recognizes it as "File"
( There is also no readme) .

2/4/2007 9:38:41 AM
lol you need WinRar or WinZip the program to extract the files inside! :D

2/3/2007 7:06:10 PM
I sure would LOVE to know how to open it .

2/3/2007 3:23:31 PM
comments? :D Rating? :D