2 mb
10225 dls
February 7, 2007
A upgrade of the 1.1 version. This version adds a whole lot new
things. A lot of new tech lines and improvements. Also the technological victory movie is changed and now included in this file.
Further more a new background and soundtrack on the main menu. Worked my ass of on it. I hope you like it. It features almost everything a stargate fans needs. I will be making 1 last version which will future more techs and PERHAPS races.. or even a total conversion.. Goa'uld are NOT included in this version because I want to safe them for last. I want to make the techs as good as I can. So that will be the final bit.. Well download it if you like stargate (that is where this whole mod is about)! Ow and of course ENJOY!!
10/31/2008 9:43:08 PM
uhm i did what u said to do but when i start the game the only difference in the background is that theres no big DARK AVATAR thing, the music is still the same

4/30/2008 6:27:34 AM
.BIK is a special video file used by hames. http://www.radgametools.com/

Does the "Stargate" and "Singularty Gate" Included in this mod series?

3/8/2008 1:21:47 PM
Greetings, All:

Would I unzip this to the main Gal Civs II root folder? I just don't want to download and lose it all together. I seem to have a bad habit in doing that.


3/4/2008 5:56:22 AM
AWSOME mod LOVE IT!! Great Work..Though in the research with the replicators I got to the end and it said future tech..Replicator invasion and there was no future tech so mabye it will be in the new one your making hopefully..Again GREAT JOB

2/17/2008 11:41:13 AM
I am having the same problem with DA.

1/5/2008 7:41:38 PM
this mod does not work for me, i put it in the required folder (the entire stargate folder not just their sub folders) so it goes like c:\games\stardock\totalgaming\galciv2\mods\stargatemodification , i switch the options to use mods and direct the thing below it to stargate mod restart the game and.... nothing no new background no new music and the game is still in DA or DL mode.
is the mod broken or am i doing smthng wrong?

8/22/2007 4:46:02 PM
Stargate Rules!

4/14/2007 7:01:52 AM
i still play this mod over playing DA

3/11/2007 12:07:09 AM
I really really like this mod.I can't wait till next one but the one thing I would like you to add is the asgard sencers for the starbases.

3/8/2007 12:37:50 PM
Well done with this, great extra techs, looking forward to next one, a total conversion would be great, espectially if new models were introduced for ships,

3/1/2007 11:50:25 PM
Can this work for DA

2/25/2007 10:05:58 AM
naw, im still learning that

2/17/2007 4:51:52 AM
can you skin too? (new models etc)

2/16/2007 8:12:39 PM
i just looked here today whi;e i was bout to upload my mod. my mail is merlin-208@hotmail.com, and editing weapons is fairly easy, the r in gc2types. by the way all stuff i realease is for dark avatar

2/14/2007 11:08:28 AM
maybe we can work togetter because the only thing i can really do is tech tree modding and some movies.. do you have mail?

2/13/2007 10:34:23 PM
great mod, ive been working on a stargate mod myself, i was wondering if i could build off ur stuff, but as i have seen in all three versions , you r the master. nyway, i made a new weapon and hull, along with soome tech tree stuff, a dupligate network, and some goa'uld junk like staff weapons for our soilders. some events and up issues involving goauld and asgard.

2/8/2007 2:08:41 AM
you don't get them to run.. you just extract the folder (stargate modification) to you mods folder and every change (including the movie) will work in the game. The new bik is a tech victory movie.. just achieve that victory and the movie will play..

2/7/2007 5:41:10 PM
How do you get the .bik files to run?