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February 27, 2007
These 26 ships have been verified to work in the metaverse. You must view the readme.txt as it has DA/DL install varients. These will also work in regular games.

Requirements: GalCiv2 1.5 (should work on older versions too) Collectors Edition Structures if you don't have the latest patch.
3/3/2007 10:11:07 AM
For those of you using FireFox rename the file to [filename].zip. Filenames with spaces, apostrophes etc. are not shown properly by firefox. There is nothing wrong with the file itself. Thanks again to sidemancer. I will fix the problem the next time I update the ships and all future files will not have it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3/1/2007 10:33:20 PM
Thanks JP, I'll update everything once I get it. But by then you guys will have already done the grunt work. I'll get there though.

3/1/2007 9:32:01 PM
Hi Pub. You need Dark Avatar to do templates. Sorry, I'd assumed you already had it.

3/1/2007 12:49:53 PM
OK, I will make sure not to do that in the future. What about the template question? Can I do what jpinard and Lotherius are requesting without DA installed? I love the sound of this template thing but at this time I don't have that feature.

3/1/2007 5:03:00 AM
Firefox is an internet browser. When trying to download a mod that has weird characters in the filename like spaces or apostrophes, the filename isn't correctly displayed when you try to download. Firefox users (like myself) downloading your pack, see somelthing like 'Pubmaster'. The file is downloadable, but people have to gues that it is a '.zip' file and add the extension themselves.

2/28/2007 6:42:04 PM
Lotherius- What is firefox? I tested the download and it worked fine. I will try and not put an apostrophe in there in the future.
As far as the template folder goes will that work even though I don't have DA? I won't have DA untill Feb. 15 when I get my comission check.

If it does not require that I have DA does it only involve me making a folder and copying the files there? If so that part just doesn't make sense to me. Why not just copy/extract the files to your template folder. -OR- do you mean that I should put directions in the readme.txt?

I want to help and make it easy for everyone to use and will implement your suggestions once I get DA. That is if I am understanding what you and jpinard are saying.

2/28/2007 3:46:50 PM
I do agree with jpinard, this seriously needs to be updated with the ships included as templates.

2/28/2007 3:44:22 PM
The apostrophe in your filename makes this file undownloadable in firefox since stardock's website code doesn't escape it properly... a bit late to change it, but something to keep in mind for future reference...

2/28/2007 1:25:17 AM
Hehe, you're funny :-) Love to see the Battlestar thing you're talking about.

The way Stardock implented templates is great. In fact, for everyone with Dark Avatar they would only want to install the template folder files because that way the core ship list doesn't become too overwhelming. If you go to "upgrade ship", make sure "save as template" box is checked. It will put another duplicate in your ships folder (if you used a different name), so I delete the original ship and the duplicate in ships, and then leave the new template... in the templates folder. It's really slick.

2/27/2007 11:59:19 PM
Thanks! Sadly I realized after I uploaded it that I had uploaded the wrong version of it. That one in the ship pack needs some fine tuning to make it look a little better. I'll try not to let that happen again. I may try to make a Battlestar using that method of side launch bays.

2/27/2007 11:54:33 PM
Is that how it works? OK I can do that in the future.

2/27/2007 11:52:37 PM
BTW... the PUB-03 carrier looks awesome - and the whole thing works perfect in Dark Avatar Metaverse games.

2/27/2007 11:39:56 PM

A little suggestion... you should do a template folder in your zip. That way people don't have to open >> re-save as template >> delete ship >> etc if they want to use them as templates.