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February 27, 2007
These 26 ships have been verified to work in the metaverse. You must view the readme.txt as it has DA/DL install varients. These will also work in regular games.

Requirements: GalCiv2 1.5 (should work on older versions too) Collectors Edition Structures if you don't have the latest patch.
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February 13, 2007
I thought that I should get my custom designs out there before Dark Avatar extras make them look like dirt. This is my first post and it contains an assortment of some of my (IMO) better designs that were made under the human ship style. It does have three carrier designs which I am very proud of. They are just visual effects and DO NOT add anything to the game. Using KHSM I was able to build fighters seperate from the hull. This also allowed me to have formations of fighters flying next to the carriers. All of the ships are basic hulls with extras. No engines, weapons etc. attached.

You will need the Collectors Edition, the latest KHSM, and GC2 version 1.5. This is my first attempt at this so I hope everything works. Mad props to everyone that have been uploading their ships as it is very time consuming. Good job guys!