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June 6, 2007
I had forgotten to fully update the United Planets issues. I have fixed the problem, so please redownload.

I have updated my mod for Dark Avatar. After installing this mod, unzip to your mod folder. Then place the folders in the main mod folder.
The English file contains everything in the original file, plus a few modest additions to make the Range Modules work. Place the English file in the data folder of your mod directory.

New Starbase Modules

- New attack and defense modules for all Evil Weapons and Good Defense
- New trading module for Neutral
- A new influence module for Good
- Two new Range Modules
- Four new repair modules
- Early defense modules
- New protective field modules for military starbases (By TheShadowHawk)
- Deffensive Stations, which work like battle stations

New Techs

- Updated techs from v1.2 example mod from Dread Lords
Repair Techs
Hull Techs
1 new logistics tech
- Starship Range Techs
All new techs will appear in groups

New United Planet Issues
- Protect Minor Races (Three Years)
- Protect Minor Races (Forever)
- UP Headquarters (Forever)
- Susspend Evil Trade - (None - Three Years)

The original mod for Dread Lords had a issue that protected starbases. However, there was a problem with the AI where they would try to
attack anyway, causing lag time. I have commented this issue out. I have not tested thissue with Dark Avatar. If an one wants to try the
issue and see if it works in Dark Avatar, simply uncomment the issue in the UPnited Planets XML file. If anyone has a fix for this problem, please do not hessitate to contact me.

If anyone has any suggestions or complaints, please let me know! You can either contact me here, or on the forum at http://forums.galciv2.com/index.aspx?AID=153127
by TOV
7/3/2007 11:17:51 AM
I don't think there is many balance issues in the DA version, I simply made the new techs more expensive. Also, I seem to have made a mistake: 1.3 is the latest version. I am sorry about the mix up.

psnd1969 - The download works fine for me. I do not know what the problem could be.

6/30/2007 2:30:18 AM
Download button doesn't seem to work. Not file associated with it.

6/26/2007 2:51:37 AM
Hi, I see a Dread Lords version 1.3 available for download, but can't find v1.4. Am I missing something? Also, what are the balance issues?

6/25/2007 6:19:21 PM
I have a version for Dread Lords. Look for TOV's Starbase and United Planets Modby TOV v1.4. It is mostly the same, only without the DA-specific UP issues and the tech groups. I also think it lacks a few minor balance changes that are in the DA version, although I can fix that if requested.

6/20/2007 4:28:41 PM
Will this update work with Dread Lords? If not, will you be making an update version that will work with Dread Lords?

5/31/2007 10:54:29 PM
I have fuxed a typo in the suspend evil trade UP issue. Please redownload.