2 mb
7265 dls
December 5, 2007
my supream custom logo pack there 102 custom done logos all with transparent backgrounds.anyone can use these for there converssions if they wish or an other mods they have my permission.Well enjoy
12/17/2007 3:26:01 PM
since I got such a high respond for my logos im going to make a even bigger and better pack with over 200 custom logo's.Because I checked how many people downloaded them on thursday and it was at 200 and by saturday its close to 2000 now.So my next logo pack will be my greatest one yet.

12/14/2007 9:48:00 PM
great logos

12/7/2007 10:26:41 AM
so how do you people like my logos you must like them because I had over 63 downloads and its only been 2 days so all comments welcome.