7 mb
9040 dls
April 30, 2008
In this pack there are 51 STAR WARS race images each with there own logo.I also included the text of each of the races there history where there from. Stuff like that Thats all may the force be with you.
2 mb
7502 dls
December 5, 2007
my supream custom logo pack there 102 custom done logos all with transparent backgrounds.anyone can use these for there converssions if they wish or an other mods they have my permission.Well enjoy
1 mb
3444 dls
November 27, 2007
its my ultimate logo pack there are over 50 plus logos in it and there all custom done.so if anyone wants to use these for there conversions go right ahead you have my permission.to install just place in your my douctments logo folder.
11 mb
2213 dls
October 24, 2007
This is my T.M.N.T 2.0 conversion for DA only whats new new load screens,2 new majors new minors, new technology new planet improvements 11 custom planets each race has a new world.Well thats all enjoy.
1 mb
2485 dls
September 13, 2007
Custom logos if anyone wants to use these for there conversions its okay you have my permission. to install just place in your my documents logo folder well enjoy.