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March 24, 2006
Several versions of the emblem of Star Trek's* "Klingon Empire" with transparent backgrounds. Extract the zip into "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos" to install.

*Star Trek and all Star Trek related items are the property of Paramount Entertainment.
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March 21, 2006
These are logos from a few major civilisations seen in Star Trek.
The archive contains the following civilisation logos: Borg, Cardassian, Cardassian Obsidian Order, Dominion, Ferengi, Tal Shiar, Klingon, Andor, Bajor, Risa, Trill and Vulcan.

Extract the zip into your "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos" folder.
If you upload this to any website, add the readme and these credits:

Star Trek and all Star Trek related items are the property of Paramount Entertainment.
Artwork by Kristian Trigwell - reverendtrigster@yahoo.com
Converted for GalCiv2 by satyrlord@gmail.com
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March 21, 2006
The Psi Copr Logo from Babylon 5.

Simply extract to My Documents/My Games/Gal Civ/Logos
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March 21, 2006
The Irken are invading!

This pack includes the Irken Army logo, the Irken Invaders logo, and their friendly corporate logo, seen here.
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March 21, 2006
A custom race portrait of a Cylon Centruion.
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March 21, 2006
Made to go with the Ascended Man Custom Portrait.

Please place in your \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos folder

Actual 128x128 logo looks a bit messy due to Alpha blending (shows as white round image) but appears perfectly in the game.

Many thanks to Stardock for the original image :)

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March 21, 2006
Galactic Civilizations II comes with nine logos, on top of those for major and minor races, representing actual countries on Earth (presumably where most of the playerbase is).

This is my effort to bolster that number somewhat.

Don't worry; there will be more coming along; it's just that more effort = fewer (but better logos) and I just started this project in my free time 2 days before this upload.
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March 21, 2006
If the number 42 means anything to you, you'll probably love this logo.

If not, it's still a pretty neat logo.
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March 21, 2006
The glorious orange and red logo of those wacky overlords, the Xibalbans.
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March 21, 2006
This pack contains 30 logos from the Warhammer 40k and Battlefleet Gothic Universe.

I hope this hits home with the Warhammer fans, enjoy!
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March 21, 2006
This is Gundam's World One-year war "Principality of Zeon" Circle-Cross LOGO
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March 17, 2006
extract to mygames/galciv/logos
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March 17, 2006
Just a happy green yuck skull for the Minor race of your choice.
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March 17, 2006
Just a little something I did back in 2004 or so. The readme contains some misc text about it.

Remember to extract it to your "My Docs\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos" directory!
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March 14, 2006
Just a simple alternate logo to add a little variety to the line-up.