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March 24, 2007
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri custom factions for GalCiv2: Dark Avatar
version 1.1

CHANGES from 1.0
- All races now have a few negative traits (i.e., University of Planet faction has a -20% social production)
- Some traits are 'new' such as 'Home Planet Quality' which is present in the XML file itself, but not selectable in the game.
- All SMAC factions now have different theme music instead of just 'Human'.
- SMAC faction race names have been changed to reflect their actual names from the Alpha Centari game.
- Almost all factions have super abilities. A couple? do not.
11 mb
10074 dls
March 2, 2007
Version 1.02 has a better readme and the option to have her not vocally patronize you infinitum :-)


This custom enemy race has animation, sound, is 100% Metaverse compatible, and also includes both positive AND negative attributes. If you're a fan of System Shock (or just want to see what a fully customized race is like), then you should really enjoy this. She's well balanced, and should give you an excellent challenge. Hope you enjoy your first encounter (make sure your sound/music is on). Full installation instructions are included in the readme. And do yourself a favor... don't listen to the mp3 before you play against her. It would ruin a little of the fun.
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March 2, 2007
This mod contains a dozen (12) logos in a 'Smileys' style. There's a face for everyone, and more to come as they're created.

I hope everyone enjoys them.

And don't be afraid to leave a comment, good or bad, I enjoy critiques.
306 kb
3637 dls
March 2, 2007
This mod contains 10 different logos in a 'gemstone' style. There's a style for everyone, and more to come as they're created.

I hope everyone enjoys them.
298 kb
3753 dls
February 17, 2007
This is a promotion pack for the upcoming total conversion to stargate for this game. It contains logo's and 3 portraits.
689 kb
2849 dls
February 12, 2007
And THIS time, there IS a pink Arcean Logo!
590 kb
2723 dls
February 7, 2007
Ever wanted a race of pink Arceans?
21 kb
3770 dls
January 27, 2007
This is just the Star Trek insignia that I recreated for myself. I thought I would put it out there since I thought I did a decent job of matching the same style of the logos used in-game.

Have fun!

130 kb
3525 dls
January 25, 2007
I'm not even sure HOW I got this idea, but I decided to make a race of Tonberries from the Final Fantasy universe! I thought some of you might get a kick out of this... Anyway, I made up the logo, and then used an old picture of an alien from one of the Star Trek shows and edited it to look like a real life Tonberry. (some of you might prefer to go out and find a more true looking one from the games) Hope some of you like it!

224 kb
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January 5, 2007
Battlestar Galactica Logo

by zazu
9 kb
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December 19, 2006
this is my second mod and contains a logo, portriat, and a race configuration. it has a read me for those who dont know how to install mods.
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December 8, 2006
this mod contains a race logo and a portrait(see full screen shot).
Use read me if you dont know how to place logos and portraits into the game. Can be used for version 1.0

for lego lovers only.
97 kb
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December 1, 2006

This mod contains four "United Earth" logo's:

- The original logo as seen on "Star Trek: Enterprise".
- A modified version adopting a similar look to the UFP logo as seen on "Star Trek".
- Same logo's as above but in a different color (in the picture, the original versions are on the right side).

All have a transparent backgrounds.


Simply extract the zipped files into your "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos" folder.
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October 12, 2006
A hammer & sickle for any communists out there.
30 kb
3424 dls
October 12, 2006
A pack with an Alien portrait and logo.