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1883 dls
September 26, 2006
Here is a shield race logo. I guess it is suited more for a human race. The orange stands for "Worthwhile Ambition", the red stands for "Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength", the green stands for "Hope, loyalty in love" and finally the blue stands for, "Strength, Loyalty". The symbol on the top left of the shield stands for Aquarius. The symbol on the bottom left is a symbol for earth. The symbol on the top right is of bones crossed for war or strength. The symbol on the bottom right is the of the eagle. Hope you enjoy.
14 kb
3360 dls
September 14, 2006
It's another race logo, what can I say? Look at the picture and download it if you like it!
28 kb
2886 dls
September 8, 2006
A tribal logo for the sun and fire. Hope you enjoy. :)
24 kb
2580 dls
September 7, 2006
Arr!! Har!! Har! Avast me matey's!! Shiver me nacelles!!!

Ahem. So it's another logo for you're piratey star trek side, or something. Copy it to My Documents\MyGames\GalCiv2\Logos.

Please let me know if you have any problems.
12 kb
4039 dls
September 7, 2006
This is an Iron Cross with a skull in the middle (Obviously). A little something I made up. It is what I use personally as my race logo. I like it and I hope you will too.

Leave a comment if you like it! Thanks!
16 kb
4258 dls
September 7, 2006
Another race logo. Leave a comment if you enjoy! Thanks!
23 kb
1588 dls
September 7, 2006
Ya know, sometimes, you just have to be happy!! And besides you can SEE this symbol against a black background. Maybe I just need some happiness and this is cathartic, or it's just funnier when you blow the hell out of something when you are flying the mighty yellow!!

Copy the following into My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos folder. It should work! Please let me know if you have any problems!
74 kb
3112 dls
August 29, 2006
Replacement logos for the two minor races that were not updated for galciv2.
101 kb
3295 dls
August 23, 2006
CIS logo pack, a portrait and a race logo
26 kb
2578 dls
August 11, 2006
something green, can't really think of a decent name. Custom made material, transparant background,

Enjoy ;)
33 kb
4595 dls
July 31, 2006
Presenting the faction logos from Alpha Centauri. If you are into turn based strategy, chances are you have played Alpha Centauri, and if you haven't... WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!

Includes 14 logos, some of which may look a little distorted, but I did my best to clear them up.

I may even update them with i higher rezolution in the future.
55 kb
3842 dls
July 10, 2006
A simple logo for your race, consisting of the classic Quake symbol. Happy warring.
41 kb
3477 dls
July 7, 2006
Custom made logo featuring the eye of Biomede. Enjoy!
16 kb
1851 dls
June 29, 2006
The Narn Race Logo (Matte Version). With transparent background! Slightly redesigned and colored to work better in GC2. I wanted to have a B5 Narn logo that was in the style of the ones that SD made. This logo is still a work in progress but I wanted to post it so ppl had a better one. I did the Narn first out of respect for the suffering they went through recently. Enjoy. P.S. EA, Centauri, Minbari to come.
37 kb
3209 dls
June 29, 2006
A few nations more to come just unzip in C:\Documents and Settings\Your name\My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos