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August 23, 2006
For marathoners only! When you play a game past the end of the Tech Tree, your scientists kick back with a cold one and never work again! Not so with this mod!
At various points during the game the scientists will celebrate their achievements with an Office Party. Once the Tech Tree is fully researched, the party ends when all of your research facilities will be demolished to make room for productive improvements.
(Notes: Modifies the Tech Tree by adding "Office Parties". These are in place to determine when the 30 "research lines are complete". There are four "Office Parties" because an individual tech can only have 8 prerequisite techs. An alignment specific final Party confirms the tree is completed, which enables a Planetary Improvement to upgrade the research facilities as if they had just been Terraformed.
The "Office Party" techs were given a cost of 300 to keep them from appearing as optional techs during character creation. If you finished the Tech Tree, I believe this cost is negligible. The cost to "upgrade" to a blank square is the same as demolition, which means you can get the same effect manually if your patient enough to go through every planet. Because of these two factors, I don't believe this mod adjusts game balance.
Some of the Tech Tree display graphics get a little squirrelly - some new techs appear behind every prerequisite tech and some appear on their own line. It doesn't seem to effect their function or dependencies. Enjoy!)
9/8/2010 1:45:53 AM
I've got 2 questions for you:

I : What other office parties do you get other than Culture & Logistics

II : Where do I save it to and with what ending?

9/20/2006 10:37:53 PM
Yeah, this happens for some reason when the system can't connect the lines (this process is automagic, and not part of the mod). I can't figure out why sometimes the program puts in multiple instances of the same tech and sometimes lists the tech separately on it's own line. Given that tech's don't have many dependencies naturally, this may not have been noticed or considered an issue when the game was being QA'd.

I tested the mod quite a bit to make sure it was working as intended before I released it here. This issue is actually what I was referring to in the description of the mod when I said "the Tech Tree graphics get a little squirrelly," but I've never seen any unusual behavior in the way it functions.
- The Dave

8/24/2006 11:46:15 AM
Hi, the reason for that some of them appear in a new line is just a scripting fault, they are not correct linked, maybe you forget a letter ;o) just a Tip