5 mb
4111 dls
April 20, 2007
This is my Weapon FX Mod for Dark Avatar, refining all Weapons of GC2 with new impressive effects and sounds!

copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf I-Mod Productions

4/10/2008 12:03:12 PM
Tested it, i was able to post the result, no cheat flag yet.

4/10/2008 8:50:47 AM
Is this Metaverse compatible?

4/30/2007 9:49:26 PM
I see what your saying

4/24/2007 4:00:02 AM
thank you very much =O)

Ps: the particle beam is a bit more improved than stock, it's more 3D.
I'm going to improve it from time to time, when you have ideas for it, you can send me them and I'll improve the Particle beam ;O)


4/23/2007 4:59:36 PM
Did you even alter the way the particle beam looks? That one seems like it's still stock.

4/23/2007 4:56:47 PM
Actually it's not your MOD thats causing this to happen. It's the way the particle beam weapon is set up. It's not as accurate and causes explosions where ever the beam stops. I was wrong about it causeing damage though when it doesn't hit the target. These weapons look a million times better then stock.

4/23/2007 4:52:10 PM
Sweet Mod.
I definitly like it.
I mean great effects.

4/23/2007 5:15:17 AM
Hi, it seems that you have the same problem as me, in fact we are rare people who have this problem, seems to be in the code, the FX Pack is bugless.

it works on DL and DA the same, no difference,

the shooting everywhere problem in DA don't know to fit, thats out of my help, ask Stardock if they have a fix for this bug, thank you very much.

hm do you like the effects? ( I was confused by the bad and really good after it ;) )

you just need to backup the gc2types, and when you want this mod off, you just need to swap the gcytypes.xml with the original and your game is back to standard.

I made it this way so people can use this mod in MV and with other mods together.

any questions? =O)

4/23/2007 1:55:31 AM
Although I checked out the art and sound fx for this mod, and they are bad (as in really good) especially the missile and doom ray sounds. I would suggest testing the beams against a resource mining starbase.

4/23/2007 1:41:38 AM
The particle beam weapon is shotting in wild directions everywhere and causing explosions against nothing, but still causing damage. I also misunderstood the read me directions because it said all you need to do to back up the game is hold on to the GC2Type.xml, but I went to take the mod off my computer and it didn't work. I installed the mod directly to my darkavatar directly as specified, but I think your best off setting up a mod directory or your going to have to hand make back ups. Either one. I took one for the team.

Note for the modder.. The weapons I saw were firing anywhere on the screen and exploding.

4/22/2007 3:37:59 AM
This version is for Dark Avatar (DA) the one above for Dread Lords (DL) =O)


4/21/2007 10:13:16 PM
Why is this submitted twice?