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May 31, 2007
General Pants' Light Jewels Mod

by General Pants

I don't know about you, but red, white, blue, and yellow lights really aren't enough for me! This mod adds new light jewels: 16 new colors and two new styles, for a total of 60 lights! These lights come in all primary and secondary colors, and a small selection of "fun" colors, including a black light (unfortunately, I could not implement a lava lamp).

In addition to the old "globe" style, each color also comes in flat "panel" and rounded "dome" configurations. The former are useful for window or engine effects, the latter make nice running lights, and you have to do less twiddling to get the "light" effect oriented properly. Both of the latter have a much broader scale-range.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
6/8/2007 4:00:21 PM
Director: sorry about the sizes... I'm not a 3d graphic guy, so I just used what they gave me!

Drengin: That's what I was hoping folks would do... Personally, I think the Teal one is pretty lame, and some of the "dark" lights just don't work right. I agonized over them for weeks before finally just posting it as-is. Glad you like it!

6/5/2007 8:08:06 PM
Nicely done and very useful. The panel and dome lights are very large, however.

6/3/2007 2:49:58 AM
A nice mod. Some of the new lights really do work well for windows. More here than i would use but i was easily able to just use the ones i wanted and only add those. Many thanks for this - Drengin