51 kb
2279 dls
November 27, 2007
As Douglas Adams said, Bad News spreads faster than lite. However, people does'nt like to get them...
94 kb
3630 dls
November 6, 2007
Make sure to back up all files before installing this mod! I am not responsible for any problems caused by the failure of a user to do this.

+ All functional components are now replaced with a blank model (invisible) and one hardpoint facing the same direction as the original hardpoint.
+ All weapons/defense/etc graphics still work
+ All components work as intended
+ The original component graphics have been replaced, therefore the AI will not make asymmetrical or ugly designs.
+ Works with all races and is bug-free (AFAIK)

DA and MV compatible. I believe this mod will work on all versions of GC2 thus far, however, it's untested on anything but DA 1.80b.
6 mb
15041 dls
July 2, 2007

The best part of GalCiv is the ability to design your own ships. Here are 36 "new" (not all are original) jewels for your designing pleasure!

V1.1: implements dummy left constructor and trade modules, ala GC2:DL.
V1.2: corrects error whereby some of the logo jewels didn't work if you didn't have my logo mod, removes extraneous files from download.
V1.3: corrected bump maps for lifeboat and docking ring, all other textures for the latter.
V1.4: corrected same bumpmaps so they look somewhat more correct.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
145 kb
5417 dls
July 2, 2007
General Pants' Neon Lights Mod

by General Pants

When I made the Light Jewels Mod, I had two other lights in mind, but they required new textures, and I just didn't have the time. I still don't have time for them, but here they are... neon lights! These are solid-colored, differently-shaped versions of the light jewels. They lack the "glare" effect of the other lights, so they don't have a preferred orientation. Included are two new styles for each of the 20 color schemes (yup, that's 40 jewels): a long, think "rod" light and a "ring" light. These both have hardpoints, allowing you to use them to build glowing lattices and other exotic stuctures.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
131 kb
5378 dls
July 2, 2007
DARK AVATAR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Pant's Logistics Jewels

by General Pants

31 more "new" jewels for your ships, with the loose theme of logistics... they mostly look either like stuff to transport things, or things in which to transport stuff. It's a bit of a stretch; see the "notes" below.

- Ten parts used on the asteroid mining bases, including the base core (not available elsewhere);

- all eight starbase "cores," both the DL and DA versions (I love the DL Influence base core!);

- the five ground forces units (including the turret!), so you can set up a staging area on your invasion ships;

- six dummy cargo hulls you can use as jewels (they are some of the best jewels in the game!);

- a dummy life-support module (the DA module is pretty cool;

- a dummy "brick" hull (well, *I* like it, anyway);

- The jewels are grouped in four "thematic" .xml files... if you don't like one of the "themes," just delete the file, and the jewels are gone!

Extract to your favorite mod folder.
2 mb
4535 dls
June 25, 2007
Here is a model of Hyperion (Babylon 5 human heavy cruiser). The model is broken up in several parts and the Central tower is the primary (start with it and there will be hardpoints for the other parts to be attached). Some of the hardpoints are hidden within the model, just zoom in a lot and you should be able to find them. The parts are made so that you can use them for other things as well (although textures are not exactly like original model textures).

The model should work with all versions of the game (only tested in DA 1.6 though).

by knkg
932 kb
4007 dls
June 4, 2007

Here are 30 variations on the GC2:DA logo jewels. Some combinations of logo and hull color produce poor results, and the lights on the logo frame can be distracting. Worse, you often don't realize the problem until you are well into a game. This mod includes two tweaks for each standard logo jewle, one with no lights, and one with a diffusely-lit surface. Hopefully these will help salvage such unpelasant situations. Also included are eight versions of each jewel with different colored lights. These aren't as satisfying as my "lights" mod, because the color really doesn't have a big effect. However, if you like having a lighting color scheme for your ships, these might come in handy.

V1.1 Fixed download so it is no longer dependent on getting my Jewels mod (D'oh!); added the color-lit logos.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
339 kb
5100 dls
May 31, 2007
General Pants' Light Jewels Mod

by General Pants

I don't know about you, but red, white, blue, and yellow lights really aren't enough for me! This mod adds new light jewels: 16 new colors and two new styles, for a total of 60 lights! These lights come in all primary and secondary colors, and a small selection of "fun" colors, including a black light (unfortunately, I could not implement a lava lamp).

In addition to the old "globe" style, each color also comes in flat "panel" and rounded "dome" configurations. The former are useful for window or engine effects, the latter make nice running lights, and you have to do less twiddling to get the "light" effect oriented properly. Both of the latter have a much broader scale-range.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
15 kb
3012 dls
January 15, 2007
A new mass driver to devastate enemy armor.
116 kb
4435 dls
January 15, 2007
This mod adds cool ion torpedo weapon.
2 kb
4194 dls
November 11, 2006
Game weapons as eye candy.
This will allow you to use the ingame weapons as eye candy for your custom built ships.

UPDATED 06\10\29
24 kb
4526 dls
July 1, 2006
Ultimate Design Freedom Mod v1.1 by Rasori
Rel. July 1, 2006

+ Nearly all functional components are now replaced with a blank model (invisible) and one hardpoint facing the same direction as the original hardpoint. (Exceptions are the currently impossible: Colony, Troop, and Advanced Troop Module)
+ All weapons/defense/etc graphics still work
+ All components except Colony Modules, Troop Modules, and Advanced Troop Modules work as intended
+ The AI will use the Blank Modules, allowing for cleaner ships on their part (I have found this to be exclusive, tell me if you find a time other than the excepted modules where they don't)
+ Blank components separated into their own tabs for ease of browsing
+ One can make an entire jewelry ship (with the help of KHSM) and not mar it with components
+ One can install a ship from another work (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) and not mar it with components
+ Works with all races and bug-free (AFAIK)
+ (V1.1) Now includes thumbnails for all blank components.
81 kb
3995 dls
May 16, 2006
This Mod changes your ship components to tiny nearly invisible cubes. So you can't see them anymore on the complete models you can Download here!
86 kb
3284 dls
May 6, 2006
The purpose of this mod:

1. Make the scanner module (newly rust colored) easier to identify vs. the sensor module (standard gray color).

2. Make the visual (3D) sensor and scanner modules different from the shield modules on the ship. I went with the same yellow hue which matches several other default Gal Civ 2 modules.

3. I wanted to make the scanner module rsut colored just like the thumbnail I created, but currently the game does not seem to accept separate custom 3D scanner data.

Make sure you back up your files first! These go into your game directory as indicated by the folder name. For example the files in the "GalCiv2-Gfx-Models" folder goes into your C:Program Files\GalCiv2\Gfx\Models directory. The dashes separate folder names. Make sure you put these in the game directory. Unless you put them in the correct game directories they will not function.

Please leave comments on coloring as I'm open to adjusting the coloring and shading.
429 kb
6236 dls
March 17, 2006
In the Perry Rhodan Universe the BASIS is one of the Flagships of the LFT (League of free Terrans).
It is a long distance(very very long distance) Carriership.