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July 27, 2007
Implement All Racial Penalties (Negative Bonuses)

By General Pants

This mod implements negative racial bonuses for all racial abilities, including miniaturization, logistics, home planet quality, interest rates, and all of the exotic worlds colonization abilities. Every ability has been given one or more penalty options, which award bonus points for a reduction in the ability score.

Using this mod, you can make your Ultimate Jellyfish Race, who can't colonize Barren worlds, but can automatically colonize water worlds, and who need extra space in their ships for their watery "atmosphere." Enjoy!

This is a mod of the "Implement all Racial Abilities" mod by me, which was itself a mod of "MrKorx's Miniaturization & Logistics Mod" by MrKorx (with the latter author's permission).

V1.1: Based on player feedback, I have lowered the value of the Colonize Exotic Worlds abilities considerably. I originally set them high because I felt that they would be especially problematic for the AI. Of course, I don't recommend giving the AI these penalties anyway, so that doesn't really make much sense, does it?
V1.2: Fixed minor typo that might or might not have affected play. Thanks to Mongo64 for pointing it out.
V1.21: (unreleased) Updated readme file.
V1.3: corrected minor typo pointed out by nooha.

Extract these to yourfavoritmod/Data... for some reason, the AbilitiesBonus.xml will not work if you put it in Data/English, so please don't do that.
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July 9, 2007
General Pants' Political Party Proliferation

by General Pants

This mod includes 32 additional political parties, for a total of 40... try building a consensus now! These parties have been carefully balanced using a detailed comparison of abilities costs and AI preference. Many have asymmetric "penalties" to balance out their bonuses; you lose more if you lose power than you got for being in power. Among the parties you will find some "singleton" (one-bonus), and some "dilettante" (three- or four-bonus) parties, as well as more conventional ones. All have original logos and almost-clever flavor text. A bonus table comparing all parties, and the bonuses for all races, is included!

V1.1: fixed some typos found by Lukas Dettlinger.

For anyone who is wondering, all 40 parties appear in the game, and participate in elections! A slider appears in the relevant dialogues, so you can scroll through them.

Unzip in your favorite mod folder.
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July 9, 2007

Later in the game it can be a pain trying to cram everything you need into a regular cargo hull. Fortunately, your empire's commercial interests already have an answer, the "bulk cargo" hull. These hulls are used to carry extra-large loads, including spacedocks, mobile refineries, and even starship hulls. They can carry more, but they are no less fragile than their smaller counterparts. These hulls become available after you successfully research Large Scale Building.

Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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July 2, 2007

The best part of GalCiv is the ability to design your own ships. Here are 36 "new" (not all are original) jewels for your designing pleasure!

V1.1: implements dummy left constructor and trade modules, ala GC2:DL.
V1.2: corrects error whereby some of the logo jewels didn't work if you didn't have my logo mod, removes extraneous files from download.
V1.3: corrected bump maps for lifeboat and docking ring, all other textures for the latter.
V1.4: corrected same bumpmaps so they look somewhat more correct.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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July 2, 2007
General Pants' Neon Lights Mod

by General Pants

When I made the Light Jewels Mod, I had two other lights in mind, but they required new textures, and I just didn't have the time. I still don't have time for them, but here they are... neon lights! These are solid-colored, differently-shaped versions of the light jewels. They lack the "glare" effect of the other lights, so they don't have a preferred orientation. Included are two new styles for each of the 20 color schemes (yup, that's 40 jewels): a long, think "rod" light and a "ring" light. These both have hardpoints, allowing you to use them to build glowing lattices and other exotic stuctures.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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July 2, 2007
DARK AVATAR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Pant's Logistics Jewels

by General Pants

31 more "new" jewels for your ships, with the loose theme of logistics... they mostly look either like stuff to transport things, or things in which to transport stuff. It's a bit of a stretch; see the "notes" below.

- Ten parts used on the asteroid mining bases, including the base core (not available elsewhere);

- all eight starbase "cores," both the DL and DA versions (I love the DL Influence base core!);

- the five ground forces units (including the turret!), so you can set up a staging area on your invasion ships;

- six dummy cargo hulls you can use as jewels (they are some of the best jewels in the game!);

- a dummy life-support module (the DA module is pretty cool;

- a dummy "brick" hull (well, *I* like it, anyway);

- The jewels are grouped in four "thematic" .xml files... if you don't like one of the "themes," just delete the file, and the jewels are gone!

Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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June 4, 2007

Here are 30 variations on the GC2:DA logo jewels. Some combinations of logo and hull color produce poor results, and the lights on the logo frame can be distracting. Worse, you often don't realize the problem until you are well into a game. This mod includes two tweaks for each standard logo jewle, one with no lights, and one with a diffusely-lit surface. Hopefully these will help salvage such unpelasant situations. Also included are eight versions of each jewel with different colored lights. These aren't as satisfying as my "lights" mod, because the color really doesn't have a big effect. However, if you like having a lighting color scheme for your ships, these might come in handy.

V1.1 Fixed download so it is no longer dependent on getting my Jewels mod (D'oh!); added the color-lit logos.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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May 31, 2007
New Destroyed Improvement Graphic

By General Pants

You have fought a pitched space battle against high-resolution enemy starships, watched your 3D troops and armored vehicles pound the enemy to pieces, then the planetary display screen shows destroyed improvements marked out with an "X"?!?!?!?! To promote a collective move away from interstellar tic-tac-toe, here is a little mushroom cloud icon to substitute for the Big Red X.

NOTE: The thumbnails are out-of-date; the area around smoke ring at the base of the cloud is no longer illuminated.
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May 31, 2007
One of the frustrations of invasions is that you have few tactical options. Worse, those options are not very flexible with respect to circumstances, specifically how much money you can throw at the problem, and how much collateral damage you are willing to accept. This mod adds seven new, carefully balanced invasion tactics that fill out the spectrum a little more evenly, and will give you more options, especially when you have lots of money.

Orbital Bombardment
Steel Rain
Orbital Siege Platforms
Enhanced Radiation Attack
Rods from God

Enjoy! Please do send along any comments you might have, especially if you notice balance issues.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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May 31, 2007
General Pants' Light Jewels Mod

by General Pants

I don't know about you, but red, white, blue, and yellow lights really aren't enough for me! This mod adds new light jewels: 16 new colors and two new styles, for a total of 60 lights! These lights come in all primary and secondary colors, and a small selection of "fun" colors, including a black light (unfortunately, I could not implement a lava lamp).

In addition to the old "globe" style, each color also comes in flat "panel" and rounded "dome" configurations. The former are useful for window or engine effects, the latter make nice running lights, and you have to do less twiddling to get the "light" effect oriented properly. Both of the latter have a much broader scale-range.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
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May 14, 2007
This is an expansion of

MrKorx's Miniaturization & Logistics Mod
by MrKorx

Produced with the permission of MrKorx!

By General Pants

This version implements miniaturization, logistics, home planet quality, interest rates, and all of the exotic worlds colonization abilities. I have tweaked the names of the bonuses and the values. Hopefully the new values will fit into the game more reasonably. I don't think there is any way that this mod could be MetaVerse compatible. Initial credit should go to MrKorx, development and acceptance of blame are the responsibilities of General Pants

Version 1.1:
Now uses the mods folder. Many thanks to Mr. Korx and Kryo for their help with this change!
Government was removed, since CariElf's modding guide says the game doesn't currently use it anyway.
Colonize Exotic Worlds abilities were fixed.

Extract these to yourfavoritmod/Data... for some reason, the AbilitiesBonus.xml will not work if you put it in Data/English, so please don't do that.
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May 14, 2007
Visitors' Logo

By General Pants

For those of you who remember when V meant victory (or visitors, depending on your affiliation). Go forth and show the other races how they can best serve you (on a platter, of course). Watch out for Red Dust!

NOTE: Contrary to what the screenshots purport, the background IS transparant!