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June 4, 2007

Here are 30 variations on the GC2:DA logo jewels. Some combinations of logo and hull color produce poor results, and the lights on the logo frame can be distracting. Worse, you often don't realize the problem until you are well into a game. This mod includes two tweaks for each standard logo jewle, one with no lights, and one with a diffusely-lit surface. Hopefully these will help salvage such unpelasant situations. Also included are eight versions of each jewel with different colored lights. These aren't as satisfying as my "lights" mod, because the color really doesn't have a big effect. However, if you like having a lighting color scheme for your ships, these might come in handy.

V1.1 Fixed download so it is no longer dependent on getting my Jewels mod (D'oh!); added the color-lit logos.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.