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July 2, 2007
DARK AVATAR ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Pant's Logistics Jewels

by General Pants

31 more "new" jewels for your ships, with the loose theme of logistics... they mostly look either like stuff to transport things, or things in which to transport stuff. It's a bit of a stretch; see the "notes" below.

- Ten parts used on the asteroid mining bases, including the base core (not available elsewhere);

- all eight starbase "cores," both the DL and DA versions (I love the DL Influence base core!);

- the five ground forces units (including the turret!), so you can set up a staging area on your invasion ships;

- six dummy cargo hulls you can use as jewels (they are some of the best jewels in the game!);

- a dummy life-support module (the DA module is pretty cool;

- a dummy "brick" hull (well, *I* like it, anyway);

- The jewels are grouped in four "thematic" .xml files... if you don't like one of the "themes," just delete the file, and the jewels are gone!

Extract to your favorite mod folder.