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February 13, 2007
Delean Republic - a custom race

This race uses the Altarian graphics from the original game, and a logo also included with the original game, to create the Delean Republic - a more militaristic and "less good" Altarian sub-race.
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November 11, 2006
-- UPDATED FOR 1.40X --

Planets MOD

This mod adds more planet designs to the game, so you won't get the same green earth-like planet over and over again! This includes, Lava Worlds, more Ice Worlds, more Desert Worlds, Beach, Tundra, Swamp worlds etc.

I have also added planets for each of the major races, and assigned them in CustomPlanets.xml to appear in game as appropriate.

Each Planet also contains new textures for the invasions animation.

Also included is an extended set of gas giant planet textures for the Class 0 worlds of the galaxy.
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June 2, 2006
This mod allows the player to play as the Dread Lords - the most powerful and evil force in the galaxy - as a custom race.

As long as you don't change anything on the screen, except the name fields, the stats and Dread Lord ship style will remain.

The Dread Lords also pack some nifty advantages. I couldn't find any "official" advantages in the game files (by which I mean the stats that the game actually uses for the Dread Lords) so I just stuck a whole load of stats at +500 etc. Which means the Dread Lords have very high advantages for almost everything.