406 kb
5020 dls
January 12, 2009
The SRPA Badge from the game - Resistance 2. Logo custom made by Master U. For more game logos requests contact Master U by e-mail.
190 kb
4385 dls
January 12, 2009
The *unofficial* Advent Logo from the game - Sins of a Solar Empire. Logo redone by Master U. For more game logos requests contact Master U by e-mail.
316 kb
8420 dls
December 15, 2008
The Brotherhood of Steel from the famous game - Fallout 3. Logo custom made by Master U. For more game logos requests contact Master U by e-mail.
116 kb
6573 dls
September 2, 2008
This is the Systems Alliance Logo from Mass Effect. Check out Readme for instructions. This is a part of the Mass Effect Total Conversation Mod to be released soon.

Originally created by Bioware.
Redone by Master U. 2008

Visit: www.i-mod-productions.com
2 mb
1684 dls
November 27, 2007
This mod just makes all your planets and stars to look like cubes! So rather you like the Borg or not, you have to live with it!


Tested with GC2: Dread Lords version 1.4x, I am pretty sure it works with DA too
8 mb
3351 dls
October 29, 2007
A light map textures plus Coruscant texute made by Master U.

You can play the Custom race for the Coruscant Map + The lights. Or choose any other race and get only the lights.

Note that: This only works on GC2 Dread Lords version 1.4x other versions will not work. I'm pretty sure it's working with DA

Thanks to Stefan for giving me the idea! Thanks!
427 kb
4697 dls
April 25, 2007
This is... MY high Res planets mod that I think looks better!

Note: Please download the Readme file so you can see the full download location.

Hahaha! The mod replaces The Textures of:

1. Saturn Texture and Ring
2. Earth
3. Jupiter
4. Mars
5. Mercury

And that's it. With the Hi-Res pack... you get 10 new types of Clouds, which makes any Low-Res texture in the game to Hi-Res! (trust me!)

The mod also comes with New light maps!

165 kb
3567 dls
January 30, 2007
The Return of the Jedi, this time with the Sith Temple too.


PLEASE READ: to get the Sith Temple or the Jedi Temple, you need to research the Xeno Ethics tech and then (if you chose Good) you get the Jedi Temple (and if you chose Evil) you get the Sith Temple, if you chose to be Natural, you won't get either the Jedi or the Sith Temples - THIS MOD IS FOR GALCIV 2 DREAD LORDS VERSION 1.2 AND HIGHER
85 kb
2456 dls
December 25, 2006
this Gas Giant is not like others! he can make a full turn to the side! unbelievable? believe it!

custom-made by Corellian Republic

read Readme before use
4 mb
2515 dls
December 19, 2006
a Corellia-like planet custom made by Corellian Republic