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March 14, 2006
By the early 22nd century, medical technology enabled humans to retain youthfulness well into their 7th decade. Leaders of state, great scientists and all others can now look young forever!

Unzip to your My Documents/My Games folder.
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March 11, 2006
This is Gundam's World One year war "Principality of Zeon" LOGO
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March 11, 2006
Upload to your \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos folder. Image is then accessible in the game.

This mod was created as my way of thanking Frogboy for his and his teams efforts!!
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March 11, 2006
This mod contains numerous faction symbols from "Transformers" cartoons and toylines (as well as two that never made it to either phase but were designed for a new TV series at one point in time). There are 12 symbols in all and each symbol has a transparent background. The transparent background could be a problem for some people and if that is the case, let me know. I'll gladly update them to include versions that have a background.


Simply extract the zipped files into your "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos" folder.
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March 9, 2006
The Peacekeeper symbol from Farscape, changed around a little bit for the logo.

Just extract to "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos" and enjoy

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March 9, 2006
A set of logos from the Ender's Game series of novels by Orson Scott Card.
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March 9, 2006
Drag and drop the logos u want into "MyDocuments\MyGames\GalCiv2\Logos"
by jgw
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March 9, 2006
Allows you to have one of the custom planets be the Death Star..
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March 4, 2006
Ever wanted the leader of your empire to be a woman? Well, here's your chance!

Install notes;

Just unzip into your '.../My Documents/My Games' directory and it should automatically be placed where it should go.
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March 4, 2006
Political Party pack v1.0a contents;

- Nationalists; Nationalists hold their nation, ethnicity or national identity as a "fundamental unit" of human social life. This strong and unwavering social structure allows for a much hightened morale (+30% bonus).
- Human Ecologists; The Ecologists study the relationships between human groups and their physical and social environments, alowing them to adapt to many external factors others would not be able to to. This also gives them great insight in the many different cultural societies. Ecologists receive a 20% boost in morale and influence.
- Communists; The Communists believe in a a classless and stateless utopian society where the resources and means of production are owned by communities rather than by individuals and where there is equal sharing of all freedoms, all work and all benefits. This gives a social production bonus of 30% and a 5% bonus to morale.


Read the ReadMe.txt in the zip for installation instructions!