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2774 dls
May 22, 2006
Ever wanted different names for your stars? This mod changes the star names to be those from the classic game Star Control 2! Contains stars like 'Beta Hydrae' and 'Epsilon Eridani', along with famous stars like 'Betelgeuse' and 'Procyon'. Makes GalCiv2 a bit more sci-fi!

v1.2 - Corrected a few spelling errors.
v1.1 - Star list now randomised!
109 kb
4848 dls
May 18, 2006
Use symbols from the Freespace universe in GalCiv2!

This pack includes symbols of the Galactic Terran Alliance, the Parliamentary Vasudan Navy, the Hammer of Light and the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance. Click on the thumbnail for a preview of all four symbols.
89 kb
2289 dls
May 18, 2006
A number of files containing GalCiv 2 in-game text, edited for grammar, readability, consistency, and logic.

With these files: small hulls are no longer "ideal for a heavy figher," you no longer equip your ships with "qauntum driver II," UP votes display as changes/week (rather than /month), large and huge hulls are presented with their correct logistics values, and much more.

A total of 10 files (out of a total 18) are corrected:

TechTree, GC2_Ships, InvTactics, Political Parties, Anomalies, Starbase Modules, GC2_Types, Planet Improvements, Events, UP Issues.

Four files (MapRaceInfo, ResourceTypes, CustomPlanets, and AbilityBonuses) are fine as is. RaceConfig is fine, and probably shouldn't be messed with (by me).

The only .xml files left to edit are three big ones: Flavor Text, GC2_Conversations, and GC2_Hints. I hope to tackle the first two pretty soon.
2 mb
1259233 dls
May 16, 2006
These are some portraits I converted for use with the Warhammer 40k logos that someone else uploaded. There are 12 pics in the pack.
56 kb
2773 dls
May 16, 2006
A mod to replace the original 'Trade Route Established' image.

Instructions for installation included in zip file.

1 mb
3811 dls
May 16, 2006
The download contain two folders and a (read me first) file
The use for the mod files requires GaCiv 1.1

These files are copies of hull and components renamed as jewelry files. The copies (hull, components) will then be added to the extras in the shipbuild.

The second file contain more 4 early ship that did not make the last ship pack
Ship file are 1.0 or higher
Ship race is Altarina.

Warning: If you are all ready using Mods/Models system you may have to do some rearranging of files. My ships will not load properly without the omegaMods files. I have tested my mods on the new update (1.11) and should be fine but I do not know if it will work with Kryo’s hull system. I have not have the time to test it.

2 kb
2191 dls
April 21, 2006
The first few games I've played I was wondered what was wrong. Then it hit me all races only excell at a few things,
but have no weaknesses. Ofcourse thats not realy the case, as in normal live if you are good at one thing you bound to be
not so good at something els.

This is my first attemt at giving you the chooice to create your own flawed creation. The added bonus is that if u make a
very weak race it grants you the extra points to improve your research for instance.

Its my first attemt, not tested toughly so it might be a little bit flawed. Sugestions can be emailed to
15 mb
18950 dls
April 21, 2006
A pack to bring the Daleks as they were originally concieved into GalCiv 2. All images rendered in lightwave by me.
- Portraits
- Logos
- Raceconfig
- .bik diplomacy animations (NB: I don't know how to get these into the game, but they are included anyway).
761 kb
3534 dls
April 21, 2006
This is a description of what I did to import the White Star into GC2 including: Exporting from Freespace, Importing into 3DS Max, Texturing and the adding of dummies/hardpoints.

Its pretty straight forward and for the experienced modder or modeller won't contain much if anything new, but I was asked to write something like this so here we go.
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April 15, 2006
The standard "Protection Fields" module grants +3 defense against any of the three weapons types to nearby ships. Additional standard modules require adding to each specific defense type one at time. The included modules allow continuing to add to all types simultaneously.
(Note that the AI will have access to these modules as well.)

*** REQUIRES v1.1 or later of Galactic Civilizations II ****

To install: Place the included file in your “My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Mods\Data\StarbaseModules” directory.

Protection Fields II:
(Requires: Protection Fields)
Defense Assist (All Categories) +3
Cost: 0

Protection Fields III:
(Requires: Protection Fields II)
Defense Assist (All Categories) +4
Cost: 0

Protection Fields IV:
(Requires: Protection Fields III, Starbase Fortification)
Defense Assist (All Categories) +6
Cost: 300

Protection Fields V:
(Requires: Protection Fields IV, Starbase Fortification Mark II)
Defense Assist (All Categories) +8
Cost: 300

Protection Fields VI:
(Requires: Protection Fields V, Starbase Fortification Mark III)
Defense Assist (All Categories) +10
Cost: 300
25 kb
4492 dls
April 15, 2006
Two new political parties: The Imperialists (think Cylons, Goa’uld) and The Isolationists (the Vulcans, the Asgard). I created these because I wanted a political party that could be militaristic without being evil (an idealized Roman Empire comes to mind) and of course I had to create its counterweight; contemplative civilizations that could protect themselves if need be.

**** REQUIRES v1.1 or later of Galactic Civilizations II ****

“The Imperialist Party believes that there are only two real choices, to either be predator or prey. Their entire focus is on conquest for the sake of their own survival. Choosing this party will give your civilization a 30% bonus to military production and a 20% bonus to espionage.”

“The Isolationists are strong believers in keeping to themselves. Disagreements and discord between civilizations are distractions from true progress. Choosing this party will increase your research and loyalty by 15% each.”
6 mb
1664041 dls
April 6, 2006
When I heard that Stardock was providing a Technology Tree, "this" is what I hoped it would look like.

This is only the 'Non-Weapon Related' portion of the Tech Tree. I really don't see a point of doing a graphical representaion of the Weapons & Defense trees, as they seem to be better looked at in spreadsheet form.

When printing these out, be sure to use the 'Legal' settings & paper for your printer (or else 'shrink' it down to fit on standard 'Letter' size).

I've gone over it pretty carefully, but as Frogboy says: "Bugs sometime make it through"
5 mb
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April 6, 2006
Star Control Race Picture Pack

39 new race images for your pleasure.
I don’t have every race pic could not find decent looking ones.
So the pics are from Star Control II & Star Control III as well from StarCon a sequel never relesed.

Have fun!
356 kb
3225 dls
April 6, 2006
This is my changed Phasor, you only have to put these files into ->"GFX" -> "weapons" directory

Have Fun and enjoy the battles!

Please give me a response of what you think of it :D
129 kb
6181 dls
April 6, 2006
Portrait of His Divine Shadow, evil ruler of the League of 20,000 planets (Lexx).
Put the png file into gfx\race folder with all the other race png files and it will be available to select when choosing your race