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January 15, 2007
A series of new "doomsday" tactics which pretty much guarantee victory, provided you have a healthy bank account. Also, certain tactics may "destroy" the planet, making it uninhabitable.

Tactics include:

- Nuclear Apocalypse
- Mega Beam
- Mind Domination
- Mutagenetic Virus

All tactics include their own custom image and description. Updates will include a "Superweapons" branch to the tech tree for better realism, adjustments to cost as well as even more invasion tactics.

Please post any suggestions/bugs so that I can get to work on the next Doomsday project ^_^

Hail XENU!
85 kb
2273 dls
December 25, 2006
this Gas Giant is not like others! he can make a full turn to the side! unbelievable? believe it!

custom-made by Corellian Republic

read Readme before use
4 mb
2307 dls
December 19, 2006
a Corellia-like planet custom made by Corellian Republic
13 mb
4540 dls
December 15, 2006
Alien Girl portrait, logo, and 4 custom movies for diplomacy screens. ReadMe file included with instructions. This is my first submission, so let me know if there are problems, I've been running these movies for over a week. Sharp eyes will notice the GC2 screenshots on her computer console.
2 mb
3002 dls
December 1, 2006
A Starwars Blaster

copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf (I-Mod Productions) alias Terraner05

Check out www.stefan-gersdorf.magix.net for Trailer dir: Blaster
625 kb
2961 dls
November 13, 2006
A Very new Disruptor effect (selfmade), you never have seen something like this before...

Trailer is inside too,

Trailer Link:

copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf (I-Mod Productions) alias Terraner05

6 mb
4291 dls
October 18, 2006
Beta Verison - Please let me know if you like and point out any glaring flaws.

Extract to MOD folder - select it in your options - restart the game and let fly.

oh! and be sure to research terraforming and don't be tempted to virus bomb your enemies.
534 kb
1967 dls
October 18, 2006
GCII has been out for a while, so you provably know it pretty well by now. You've probably got your strategy all worked out, right? Well, perhaps it's time for something a little different:

Now, with the Randominator mod, EVERY game can be a new experience.

v1.1 New features:

- Can now choose which parts of the game to randomise.
- Can choose whether or not to remove core ships.
- Option to include Total Randomination- random changes that massively affect how the game is played, such as setting all logistics costs to zero or making ships more expensive.
- Option to balance the promoted Minor Races, removing their large economy bonus in return for some starting techs.

Forum thread: http://forums.galciv2.com/?forumid=348&aid=131653


- Randomises pretty much every modable aspect of GCII, from tech costs to Races.
- Compatible with any other mod (in theory at least).
- Removes all core ships from the game.

How to use the Randominator mod:

- Extract all files from the Zip.
- Follow the instruction in the Readme. (IMPORTANT! This does not work quite like a normal mod!)
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4952 dls
September 26, 2006
This is a simple tool wrote, to mod the tech tree. I wrote it for version 1.2, but it should work with all versions. Just make sure it is in the same folder as your techtree.xml file.

Please email me at the included email address with comments, suggestions, or any problems.

*Note, have only tested it on my machine. Please direct all bug reports to the email address in the read me*
7 kb
1916 dls
September 8, 2006
A program that will shuffle the order of the stars in the STARS.txt file. Works with a STARS.txt file with up to 2000 stars.
Also individual star names cannot exceed 32 characters.
Built with GC2 version 1.2 but should be fine with any version.
I have included the .cpp file if any modder wishes to incorporate it into their mod. Please give credit if you do. Enjoy all!
Included in the .zip file:
119 kb
2308 dls
September 4, 2006
My take on the Saurians from Starfox Adventures. Imagine a race of spacefaring dinosaurs! It just screams awesome.

Pac includes: race config file, portrait, custom ships

- all ships use very advanced tech
- I do not own this name, or image, the saurians belong to Rare Ware and Nintendo
- The race currently uses one of the included symbols, if you have an idea for a symbol, drop me a line at lucrup@shaw.ca
93 kb
1972 dls
September 4, 2006
press the picture for new larger image

Do you want to have a different Earth? something more... specific? a custom made earth raw terrain and a new map for earth! be sure to backup customplanets.xml file and this is the beta earth so for ANY FUTURE REQUESTS OR WISHES you can post it here or E-mail me, my E-mail is in the Readme file, PLEASE MAKE REQUESTS FAST!, enjoy!

Requires v1.0 or later of Galactic Civilizations II
614 kb
5078 dls
August 19, 2006
Eight portraits of various alien-esk beings for people to populate their custom races with.
2 mb
4695 dls
August 16, 2006
Will you be: - The Daleks, The Cybermen or the Timelords

- 5 logos
- 5 race pics - (no timelord)
- 3 race configs

Credits - Dalek29, Federator, Steve Redfearn
187 kb
191764 dls
August 11, 2006
Unicron can be one of your starting planets.