37 kb
9442 dls
May 31, 2007
One of the frustrations of invasions is that you have few tactical options. Worse, those options are not very flexible with respect to circumstances, specifically how much money you can throw at the problem, and how much collateral damage you are willing to accept. This mod adds seven new, carefully balanced invasion tactics that fill out the spectrum a little more evenly, and will give you more options, especially when you have lots of money.

Orbital Bombardment
Steel Rain
Orbital Siege Platforms
Enhanced Radiation Attack
Rods from God

Enjoy! Please do send along any comments you might have, especially if you notice balance issues.


Extract to your favorite mod folder.
5 kb
4773 dls
May 14, 2007
This is an expansion of

MrKorx's Miniaturization & Logistics Mod
by MrKorx

Produced with the permission of MrKorx!

By General Pants

This version implements miniaturization, logistics, home planet quality, interest rates, and all of the exotic worlds colonization abilities. I have tweaked the names of the bonuses and the values. Hopefully the new values will fit into the game more reasonably. I don't think there is any way that this mod could be MetaVerse compatible. Initial credit should go to MrKorx, development and acceptance of blame are the responsibilities of General Pants

Version 1.1:
Now uses the mods folder. Many thanks to Mr. Korx and Kryo for their help with this change!
Government was removed, since CariElf's modding guide says the game doesn't currently use it anyway.
Colonize Exotic Worlds abilities were fixed.

Extract these to yourfavoritmod/Data... for some reason, the AbilitiesBonus.xml will not work if you put it in Data/English, so please don't do that.
7 mb
5784 dls
April 30, 2007
This is dune mod. You can play in Dune universe as one house. Each house can have diferent relations to other houses. Every house has it's own unique home planet, special abilities and unique techs.
427 kb
4710 dls
April 25, 2007
This is... MY high Res planets mod that I think looks better!

Note: Please download the Readme file so you can see the full download location.

Hahaha! The mod replaces The Textures of:

1. Saturn Texture and Ring
2. Earth
3. Jupiter
4. Mars
5. Mercury

And that's it. With the Hi-Res pack... you get 10 new types of Clouds, which makes any Low-Res texture in the game to Hi-Res! (trust me!)

The mod also comes with New light maps!

1 kb
17642 dls
April 23, 2007
GC2: Babylon 5
Beta v0.6 - for Dark Avatar and Dread Lords
Eight major races and eight minor races, over 100 unique hull models.

Download: http://www.thegalacticcore.com/shipyard/thumbnails.php?album=11
Website: http://b5mod.awardspace.info
by rav8
0 kb
4585 dls
April 23, 2007
Go to this link to download the Omega 2.0 mod


The Omega mod 2.0 will be needed for all next generation Omega shipyard fleet packs.

[Link listed in library for ease of finding--download it at the url above, not here.]
5 mb
4250 dls
April 20, 2007
This is my Weapon FX Mod for Dread Lords, refining all Weapons of GC2 with new impressive effects and sounds!

copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf I-Mod Productions

5 mb
4319 dls
April 20, 2007
This is my Weapon FX Mod for Dark Avatar, refining all Weapons of GC2 with new impressive effects and sounds!

copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf I-Mod Productions

254 kb
7009 dls
March 10, 2007
There are huge transformations to this mod:
all ship sizes have been increased:now a colony ship is up to 1100!
each ship size is double or triple times its predecessor
All planetary improvements and achievements and trade goods have been increased
Now an industrial sector gives you 128 points!
A stock market increases money gains by 1280%!
All ship components have been modified to suit reality better
A colony module is 300 space
a weapon module is 3-7 space
All weapons and defenses have been doubled from generation to generation!
No more the same damage for laser 2,3,4... each new version packs more firepower
A lot of work has been don for this mod,so please mention my name,Lucian Ilea,when you modify it.
install winrar
unpack the data.rar into galciv 2 folder
unpack the data2.rar into dark avatar folder
40 kb
2193 dls
February 13, 2007
This is an update of the mod of the same name. I made some changes to the earth raw map (the oceans) and it´s color. I included the terrain color schemes files along with the customplanets.xml and planetdescriptions.xml, so you can mod your game more easy.

If you don´t like the new earth raw map, you can use the older one (of the older mod i mean) and it will work.

I hope you like it

2 mb
10368 dls
February 7, 2007
A upgrade of the 1.1 version. This version adds a whole lot new
things. A lot of new tech lines and improvements. Also the technological victory movie is changed and now included in this file.
Further more a new background and soundtrack on the main menu. Worked my ass of on it. I hope you like it. It features almost everything a stargate fans needs. I will be making 1 last version which will future more techs and PERHAPS races.. or even a total conversion.. Goa'uld are NOT included in this version because I want to safe them for last. I want to make the techs as good as I can. So that will be the final bit.. Well download it if you like stargate (that is where this whole mod is about)! Ow and of course ENJOY!!
3 mb
4526 dls
January 30, 2007
This mod includes dark energy technologies, dark energy weapons, superlaser weapon, solar strike weapon, photon blaster weapon and radiation and particles technology branch. Also includes trusty Death Star hull from Star Wars.

Instalation notes in zip file.

[ed: The ship designs require Kryo's Hull System Mod.]
33 kb
2019 dls
January 25, 2007
Do you want an Earth raw map similar to this? Well, this raw terrain looks like this. I also changed the Earth like planets color schemes, so they look as ocean planets but with snow, mountains and deserts (just like the original earth like planets but with less ground).

I hope you like it
66 kb
3248 dls
January 18, 2007
Changes in version 1.31
-Fixed the Dynamic Shielding Module so it appears in the game.

Changes in version 1.3
-Fixed the UP so the new UP issues show up
-Added two new starbase range modules
-Added new defense modules
-Added new ship assist and ship slow modules
-Added a new starbase range tech tree
-Added new a United Planet Issue, Protect Starbase
-Changed AI logic for Protect Minor Races UP vote so Good Races will vote to protect the minor races
-Doubled the range of the sensor modules

Changes in version 1.2
-Fixed the range modules!
-Added Deffensive Stations, which work like battle stations
-Added new protective field modules for military starbases
-Added a cost to the evil attack modules
-Added a cost to the Neutral Trading Post

Changes in Version 1.1
- Righteous Forum now has a cost
- Righteous Forum now requires the Galactic Forum
- Added techs from v1.2 example mod
- Added four new repair modules
- Added an early defense module

Original Mod:

New attack and defense modules for all Evil Weapons and Good Defense
New trading module for Neutral
A new influence module for Good
Two new Range Modules

Protect Minor Races (Three Years)
Protect Minor Races (Forever)
UP Headquarters (Forever)
Susspend Evil Trade - (None - Three Years)
by TOV
418 kb
5780 dls
January 15, 2007
This mod includes tech branch giving usefull weapons and defenses.