7 kb
6032 dls
May 14, 2006
Star Wars Ship Pack-Includes X-wing/Y-wing/V-wing/A-wing/B-wing/ARC-170/T-19 Torrent/TIE Fighter/
Extract files to where ever. Open up the folder of the desired ship and copy to My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships. You'll have to start a new game to get the ship models. Not techs are required. Enjoy! May the force be with you.
Human apperence required/Kyro's hull mod required found some where in the library.
More ships to come. If you have a one you would like made post your idea in the coments.
28 kb
29375 dls
May 14, 2006
The United Space Marines Ship Pack #1 by Darth Griffin.

Enclosed in this zip you will find base hulls with no functional parts so you can use them immediately. These hulls are based on the Human ship set.

Ships included in this pack:


Bonus Included: -

USM Custom Race Logo

More to follow in Ship Pack #2
3 kb
3440 dls
May 14, 2006
F-01 Galaxy
Ship Type: Altarian
Hull Type: Cargo

The F-01 Galaxy is my first heavy cargo freighter. Download contain only ship hull and extras, no components.
111 kb
3891 dls
May 14, 2006
Babylon 5: Centauri Republic Sentri Fighter
739 kb
4303 dls
May 14, 2006
Babylon 5: Centauri Republic Vorchan Cruiser
841 kb
3808 dls
May 14, 2006
Babylon 5: Centauri Republic Secundus Battle Cruiser
2 kb
2718 dls
May 14, 2006
D-01 Destroyer WarFalcon
Small Hull

A fast attack destroyer from the Omage Shipyards
253 kb
3128 dls
May 14, 2006
Babylon 5: Centauri Republic Ritan
183 kb
3201 dls
May 14, 2006
Babylon 5: Centauri Republic Rutarian Heavy Fighter
245 kb
2946 dls
May 14, 2006
Babylon 5: Centauri Republic Scarab
34 kb
3752 dls
May 10, 2006
Omega Ship Pack01 From kenwebb Omega shipyard
Version 1.0 are higher
Collectors Edition needed
Warning: Some of the ship have extensive jewelry and may effect your game.

Race Altarian (all ship)
Hull are small to Huge

A-01sc Medium hull (Strike Cruiser)
A-11pc Medium hull ( Patrol Cruiser)
A-12bc Large hull (Battle Cruiser)

Large Hull-02 (Dreadnought)
Huge Hull-01 (Battleship)
Huge Hull-03 (Titan A-01)
Huge Hull-04 (Titan A-02)
Huge Hull-06 ( Leviathan)
A-02sc Huge Hull (Star carrier )

Small Platform-01
Medium Platform-02
Both are Orbital Weapons Platforms

Installing: unzip files and put all file in my game/Galiv2/ships directory
Make copies of anything you replace
414 kb
4373 dls
May 10, 2006
This is the Shadow free style ship pack from Babylon 5 with 3 ships as binary compressed X-File.Now the Shadows should have all ship types.
I have place the dummies into the ship body by the large and the huge shadow ship.You must zoom in the Model and you see the dummys.Shadow and Vorlon ships look comical with engines and equipment strapped to the outer hull. Read the included readme.txt for details.
307 kb
14283 dls
May 6, 2006
Here are some Terran-style ships I made during the last couple of weeks.

The package contains 10 ships, one for each warship hull size plus 5 for the most commonly used cargo roles. All of the ships are basic hulls with extras. No engines, weapons etc. attached. So you should see them in the ship designer after you have researched the corresponding hull size class.

They are more or less asymmetrical and very 'navy-ish' and therefore probably not for everyone's taste, but you can look at the pics I included before extracting the files.

I stole the naming convention from Rabid_Monkey that he used in his great Imperial ship-pack:

z Croc-[Cargo role]-0x

Designation is 'Cargo' or, in case of warships, the Navy-like designations:
PTR (patrol ship) - tiny,
FF (frigate) - small,
DD (destroyer) - medium,
CR (cruiser) - large,
BB (battleship) - huge.

Cargo role is only for cargo hulls and, well, the cargo role:

Colo for colony ship,
Cons for constructor,
Frei for freighter,
Trans for troop transport,
Sens for sensor ship.

You need GalCiv2 version 1.1 and the Collector's Edition stuff to use them. Please update BEFORE you unzip the files.

INSTALLATION: Unzip the .xml and .shipcfg files into your ...\My Games\GalCiv2 or ...\My Games\GalCiv2\ships directory, depending on if you use folder names when unzipping or not.

WARNING: Their .shipcfg-files are sometimes pretty big and this WILL have an effect on your gameplay.

So use them at your own risk!

Hope you like them,

have fun!
189 kb
6166 dls
May 6, 2006
This is version 2.0 of the Aurora. changelog:
- increased size by 50%
- optimized texture maps (you now only need the 2 included texture files, delete the old ones if you got v1.0 of the model)
- added thumbnail picture (called S0_Aurora.png)
- fixed lighting bug (light comes from the top now, not from below the ship)

This ship now comes with an installation guide in order to add it as a tiny human ship hull without having to overwrite existing models. Read the included readme.txt for details.
86 kb
3272 dls
May 6, 2006
The purpose of this mod:

1. Make the scanner module (newly rust colored) easier to identify vs. the sensor module (standard gray color).

2. Make the visual (3D) sensor and scanner modules different from the shield modules on the ship. I went with the same yellow hue which matches several other default Gal Civ 2 modules.

3. I wanted to make the scanner module rsut colored just like the thumbnail I created, but currently the game does not seem to accept separate custom 3D scanner data.

Make sure you back up your files first! These go into your game directory as indicated by the folder name. For example the files in the "GalCiv2-Gfx-Models" folder goes into your C:Program Files\GalCiv2\Gfx\Models directory. The dashes separate folder names. Make sure you put these in the game directory. Unless you put them in the correct game directories they will not function.

Please leave comments on coloring as I'm open to adjusting the coloring and shading.