144 kb
5083 dls
June 22, 2006
This is the Lintira-Class Minbari Flyer from Babylon 5 as binary compressed X-File. Read the readme.txt for more details.

v2.0 changes:
- added hardpoints inside the ship
- added thumbnail picture
- added XML example
159 kb
7593 dls
June 22, 2006
This is the Shadow's main capital battleship as seen in Babylon 5. Consult the readme.txt for more information.

v2.0 changes:
- added hardpoints inside the ships hull
- added thumbnail picture
- added XML example
- slightly increased model
668 kb
3642 dls
June 22, 2006
This is my Startrek Disruptor effect + sound

you only have to put the files in the right directories so don't forget to make a backup

Good looking on Klingonships ;)

Have Fun and mail me
2 mb
7064 dls
June 22, 2006
This is the Narn style ship pack from Babylon 5 with 6 ships as binary compressed X-File.
I have place the dummies to half into the ship body.You must zoom in the Model and you see all the dummys. Read the included readme.txt for details.
For more fun,use the Mod "invisible ship components" from robalis666
49 kb
5477 dls
June 22, 2006
Remeber MOO? (Master Of Orion) Well I present to you Pack #1. Which Includes:
the Mrrshans,Antarans,Psilon,and Klackon races. Mod includes Race Specs
(Which are as close as you can get to the original specs in their game)
for all 4 races, and I included their portraits...now only if I could find
someone who would like to make custom logo's for each race??
For the race specs extract them to My Documents/My Games/Galciv
For the portraits extract them to My Documents/My Games/Galciv2/Portraits
All protraits are .PNG (no worries and not copyrighted!!)
Stay Tuned for pack #2. coming soon. Enjoy! - NoX
336 kb
3926 dls
June 16, 2006
This is the Minbari/ISA Blue Star from Babylon 5 as binary compressed X-File.
57 kb
3464 dls
June 9, 2006
Hi, this is a scenario I simply call Dreadlords, heres what it does:

1. You are the custum race
2. Your opponents are ALL of the other Races, all 10 of them
3. ALSO The Dreadlords are in the game.
4. Thats 12 major races total!! All main races (10) Dreadlords (1)
plus you (1)
5. Made a new Foreign Treaties GUI so it shows all of the races, instructions included in the zip file.

3 kb
1940 dls
June 9, 2006
This is an Excel file to print out a blank planet ship to keep track of
planets that you want to colonize. Also includes space for enemy planets. There is a column for coordinates. On a large map, I do coordinates for an 8 by 8 map. Lower left corner is 1,1. Top right is 8, 8.

A similar Quattro Pro file included.
70 kb
4225 dls
June 9, 2006
Omega Imperial Ship Pack 02
(Finely we will crush the Rebellion once and for all)

All ship design from the Omega Shipyard see the post here on the Galciv2 forum for detail screen shots and further development.

Version 1.1 or higher
Collectors Edition needed
Omega Mod 1.0

Race Human (all Ship)
24 ship total
hull type: tiny to huge
Warning: Some of the ship have extensive jewelry and may effect your game.

Installing: unzip files open ships folder and put all file in (My Documents/My game/Galciv2/ships) make any copies of anything you replace.

The Omega Mod files need to be installed first for the Imperial ship Pack to load popularly.

Tiny Hulls
Darth Rader
Tie Fighter II
Tie Interceptor II
Tie Defender II
Small Hulls
Sith Infiltrator II
Medium Hull
Sith Cruiser
Sith Strike Cruiser
Imperial Victory III
Large Hull
Imperial Prosecutor
Imperial Talon
Imperial Vindicator
Imperial War Blade
Huge Hull
Imperial Star Destroyer III
Imperial Supper Star Destroyer II
Imperial Star Carrier
Imperial Aires Star Destroyer
Omega Star Destroyer
Sith Death Force
Cargo Hull
Imperial Troop Shuttle
Sith Transport
Imperial Freighter
Imperial Acclamator II
Imperial Constructor
Omega Freighter
66 kb
2359 dls
June 9, 2006
Two swords in crosswise. I'ts good. You know...what?!?!?!...Ok!
by zazu
2 kb
2068 dls
June 9, 2006
The Altarian designed General Cargo Vessel Mk 1 can be outfitted to function in a variety of missions such as: Troop Transport, Colonial Ship Carrier, General Freighter, and Starbase Constructor. The GCV Mk 1 has a proven track record of reliability and sustained operations in space. The Altarian designed GCV Mk 1 comes standard with all you see equipped here and two (2) Light Duty Space Tugs for behind the scenes cargo handling.
27 kb
3992 dls
June 9, 2006
The Omega Shipyard (Star Trek) Terrain empire fleet pack

All ship are human
5 Small Hulls
2 Medium Hulls
4 Large Hulls
3 Huge Hulls

Need 1.1 or higher version, collectors addition, and Omega Mode1
1 kb
19829 dls
June 9, 2006
Have you ever wanted to build more cities on your planet?
now you can, with my new mod!
it lets you build on your planet more cities besides your Civilization Capital and you Initial Colony.
On each planet you can build only two.
Requires v1.0 or later of Galactic Civilizations II
16 kb
5905 dls
June 9, 2006
There are 12 Terran ships in this package,2 for each hull and no same hull used twice.Since big ships slow down the game,I used extras as few as I can.And about the final visual impression,U tell me.

To use these ships,unpack the file and copy all files to My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships

GalCiv2 V 1.1 or later and the Collector's Edition are Required.
115 kb
2505 dls
June 9, 2006
If you ever wanted to play the Vortigaunt from Half Life 2 now you can. For v. 1.1, extract to "..My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Portraits". For v 1.2 beta I was able to use it by extracting to the new mods folder, in a subfolder named "Portraits". Have fun and please give feedback! Thanks.