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December 18, 2007

Do not download the .zip file from this library, it does not contain the mod. Instead, download it from the link above.

GC2 FORUM THREAD: http://forums.galciv2.com/?forumid=162&aid=170648

High Resolution Graphics Mod v1.2 for DARK AVATAR
by LogicSequence

This mod does the following:
> Replaces the textures for all the races' homeworlds with new, original higher resolution versions.
> Replaces all of the second habitable planets in the Races' home star systems with higher resolution textures.
> Replaces all Class 0 planet textures with new, original higher resolution versions.
> Replaces all ring and moon textures with new, original higher resolution versions.
> Replaces all cloud textures with new, original higher resolution versions.
> Includes authentic all-new Raw Terrain maps for all of the races' homeworlds.
> Adds more color variation to the background nebulae.
> Increases the quality of the star graphics.
> Enables stars to give off colored light specific to their type.
> Replaces all of the (class 0) planets in the Races' home star systems with higher resolution textures unique to their solar system.
> And more!

> Mod Creator: LogicSequence
> Art and Graphics: LogicSequence
> Mod Director: LogicSequence

Beta Testers:
> LogicSequence

Original Beta Testers:
> LogicSequence
> Kryo

Special Thanks to:
> Kryo
> Cari_Elf
> CodeCritter
> Stefan and I-Mod Productions
> The entire Stardock GalCiv2 team

Content ©2007 by LogicSequence and LogicTEK Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Some Images ©2007 by LogicSequence and LogicTEK Inc. All Rights Reserved. Re-distribution of those images is specifically prohibited.

The High Resolution Graphics Mod (HRG Mod) is an amateur endeavour with no relations to any of the instances mentioned below.

Galactic Civilizations, Galactic Civilizations: Altarian Prophecy, Galactic Civilizations Deluxe, Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords, Galactic Civilizations 2 Gold, Galactic Civilizations 2: Dark Avatar, and Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor, ©2003, ©2004, ©2006, ©2007, and ©2008 Stardock Corporation.

Galactic Civilizations, characters, names, and all related indicia are considered trademarks of Stardock Corporation and ©2003, ©2004, ©2006, ©2007, and ©2008 Stardock Corporation.
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December 5, 2007
my supream custom logo pack there 102 custom done logos all with transparent backgrounds.anyone can use these for there converssions if they wish or an other mods they have my permission.Well enjoy
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November 27, 2007
Hey, This is my mod. It includes the Communist Party as one of your options. More to follow. Works well with Unibrows sickle and hammer mod.

To install:
Put in your favorites mod folder.

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November 27, 2007
its my ultimate logo pack there are over 50 plus logos in it and there all custom done.so if anyone wants to use these for there conversions go right ahead you have my permission.to install just place in your my douctments logo folder.
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November 27, 2007
Neue Ziel means "new goal" in German. The AMA-002 (or AMA-X2) was one of the most heavily armed Mobile Armor in U.C. Piloted by Anavel Gato from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory or Afterglow of Zeon. Manufactured by Axis and deployed by Delaz Fleet to defend the "Operation Stardust". Successfully crippling out the Earth Federation's RX-78GP03D Gundam Dendrobium. Singlehandedly piercing through the heavy defenses of the Earth Federation Forces and decimate the Earth Federation's pursuit fleet.

For my real 1/550 Scale Neue Ziel, please visit : http://argonath.multiply.com/photos/album/9/AMX-002_Neue_Ziel

Original Mechanical Designer : Mika Akitaka

More instructions of installation and requirements are inside the readme.txt.
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November 27, 2007
As Douglas Adams said, Bad News spreads faster than lite. However, people does'nt like to get them...
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November 27, 2007
This mod just makes all your planets and stars to look like cubes! So rather you like the Borg or not, you have to live with it!


Tested with GC2: Dread Lords version 1.4x, I am pretty sure it works with DA too
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November 27, 2007
A Stargate mod that offers new techs and focuses on Replicators.
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November 27, 2007
Yet another randomiser for GalCiv2. This one can be used with ALL English versions of the game!

Supported are GalCiv2: Dread Lords, Dark Avatar and Twilight!

If someone sends me a list of all available language versions, the next release will cover those as well.

.NET 2.0 required, XP and upwards should already have that.

Place in you game folder (e.g. GalCiv2\DarkAvatar) and run.
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November 6, 2007
Make sure to back up all files before installing this mod! I am not responsible for any problems caused by the failure of a user to do this.

+ All functional components are now replaced with a blank model (invisible) and one hardpoint facing the same direction as the original hardpoint.
+ All weapons/defense/etc graphics still work
+ All components work as intended
+ The original component graphics have been replaced, therefore the AI will not make asymmetrical or ugly designs.
+ Works with all races and is bug-free (AFAIK)

DA and MV compatible. I believe this mod will work on all versions of GC2 thus far, however, it's untested on anything but DA 1.80b.
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November 6, 2007
This ship should work in the metaverse since no mods were installed during the design and mods were deactivated in the main menu. Please read the readme.txt for further informations and how to install. This ship will also work in regular games.

Requirements: GalCiv2 Dark Avatar 1.6 (i don't know if it will work on older versions too), Collectors Edition Structures if you don't have the latest patch.
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October 29, 2007
By Bluestreak101, StevenJ
Contact StevenJ61@aol.com

This ship pack includes thirty new craft, all based on the Terran ship style, unlike any other current Terran ship pack created thus far. This pack includes new frigates, starfighters, heavy starfighters, destroyers, and super capital ships plus special bonuses such as defense satilites, mobile spacestation model, and probes. It even has freightors, troop ships, colony ships, mining ships, constructors etc. You get the idea. All these are my design. If anyone wants to use these in any other mod, feel to use it just make sure to credit me and drop me an email to let me know. This took me quiet a while to compile so have fun! All you need to do is extract it to your Dark Avator Ship file in the mydocuments/ my games folder and start a new game with a race that uses the Terran ship style! Have fun. No fancy jewlery mods were used in the creation of this ship pack!

extract to C:\Documents and Settings\("Your Profile User name")\My Documents\My Games\GC2DarkAvatar\ships

More pictures of the ships in this pack are availble at this website.


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October 29, 2007
+ Nearly all functional components are now replaced with a blank model (invisible) and one hardpoint facing the same direction as the original hardpoint. (Exceptions are the (still) currently impossible: Colony, Troop, and Advanced Troop Module)
+ All weapons/defense/etc graphics still work
+ All blank components work as intended
+ The AI will use the Blank Modules, allowing for cleaner ships on their part (I have found this to be exclusive, tell me if you find a time other than the excepted modules where they don't)
+ Blank components separated into their own tabs for ease of browsing
+ One can make an entire jewelry ship (with the help of KHSM) and not mar it with components
+ One can install a ship from another work (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) and not mar it with components
+ Works with all races and bug-free (AFAIK)
+ Thumbnails for all blank components.
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October 29, 2007
A light map textures plus Coruscant texute made by Master U.

You can play the Custom race for the Coruscant Map + The lights. Or choose any other race and get only the lights.

Note that: This only works on GC2 Dread Lords version 1.4x other versions will not work. I'm pretty sure it's working with DA

Thanks to Stefan for giving me the idea! Thanks!
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October 24, 2007
This is my T.M.N.T 2.0 conversion for DA only whats new new load screens,2 new majors new minors, new technology new planet improvements 11 custom planets each race has a new world.Well thats all enjoy.