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June 2, 2008
Taken from THHGTTG mod, this mod adds a new class of Starbase: Artificial Planets!

Starbases and artificial planets now have to be researched. This mod is for DL, DA and now TA.

Version 0.5 fixes a major bug that was reported.
Version 0.6 adds DA compatibility and more interesting module names.
Version 0.7 fixes more bugs.
Version 0.8 adds TA compatibility.

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May 19, 2008
you get to play as the terran empire from star trek
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April 30, 2008
Map of most the nearest 200 stars to the solar system. Earth is in the bottom left, so the map includes most stars excluding the direction leading to the map edge. Includes most stars up to 56 lightr years from Earth, most small brown dwarfs excluded except those nearest the sun.

Planets included for stars found to have extrasolar planets such as Epsilon Eridani (star from Babylon 5), Upsilon Adrmoedae and 51 Pegasi. You can mod the map to put planets wherever you want. This one has the Terrnans, Korath, Drengin and Altarians starting at four conerns of it.
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April 30, 2008
In this pack there are 51 STAR WARS race images each with there own logo.I also included the text of each of the races there history where there from. Stuff like that Thats all may the force be with you.
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April 3, 2008
A collection of transformers Races for Dark Avatar

The Pictures in this collection were not made by me.

if you are a transformers Fan or just want to join a good empire then join
The Galactic Autobot Army


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April 3, 2008
Three unique experimental vessels from the F.V. Constantine Experimental Design Bureau: X-VLK-81A "MaidenFrame" Armor, X-KRB-0001 "Cerberus" Corvette, and the X-ORC-198 "Orca Touris" Patrol Gunship.

<--Click on the thumbnail for a full preview.

These vessels will round out any DA Terran Alliance Style fleet require no additional mods, and are not overly parts intensive for those with older systems (like myself):

KRB: Medium hull, 177 parts.
VLK: Tiny hull, 88 parts.
ORC: Small hull, 40 parts.
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April 3, 2008
The first stepp. 6 different races from the german SF Serie Perry Rhodan with a new intro, pics and logos BUT without ships. If I know how to create the export PNG files, the next version will include ships for evry race and a new tech tree.
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February 7, 2008
The classic Veritech fighter from the Robotech series. Looks pretty dead-on. Unzip to : 'MyDocuments\MyGames\Gc2DarkAvatar\Ships. Only works with Dark Avatar. You must select Terran style vessels during Civ creation. It is a tiny size vessel. Enjoy
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February 7, 2008
These are some logos that I designed in Photoshop.
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January 28, 2008
This is a universalistic racial ability bonuses modification micromod project.

I did this simply because wanted to create a base reference for testing ability impact during game play and I figured this was the best way to achieve that goal.

I have decided to make it available to the public for fun. This should be the finial stand alone version. All future development work will be done via the Default Systems Comprehensive Modification Pack (DSCMP) as it is my primary mod project for GC.

In short what I did was to set each ability cost to one (1) point per 15% boost for all applicable abilities. I have also set a penalty option of 15% that gives back one (1) point if you choose for nearly all as well.Furthermore I rewrote all the descriptions and spruced up the code a very tiny bit.
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January 28, 2008
This is not the Beta. This is the real thing. Please read the readme for complete instructions for installation and more detailed upgrades to the game.
Thanks for downloading,
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January 28, 2008
Add the Decepticon Logo to your game. Just place the image in the zip file in to the 'My documents/My games/(whichever version you play)/gfx/logos' folder.
Thats as hard as it gets!
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January 28, 2008
Add the Decepticon leader, Megatron into your game. The zip also comes with a trade image in case you wish to use the image for a custom opponent.

Just place the image in the zip file in to the 'My documents/My games/(whichever version you play)/gfx/Portraits' folder. Then select the image during raace selection or custom race creation.

Thats as hard as it gets!
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January 28, 2008
This mod attempts to make the Yor Collective a lot more, well... "Collective" and alien-like than what it is currently in the TA Beta.

See the readme file for special installation instructions.
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January 5, 2008
This Mod REQUIRES that you first Download

Gauntlet's Race Mod 3
Gauntlet's Race Mod 4 UPGRADE

This will give you a total of 100 Race Images!
25 Custom Races! 25 Ship Sets (which don't oversize parts!)
35 Minor Races, and 70 Race Logos

You Can ONLY get ALL of this if you download all 3 Packs!

I apologize for the inconvenience but Star Dock only provides 20MB!