86 kb
2480 dls
March 2, 2007
These updated icons have a very subtle change to them that makes them easier to discern on the map screen. They are higher contrast, extreme planet icon overlays.

This graphic update is 100% Metaverse compatible and is intended for Dark Avatar only.

To install:

Just drop in your \\My Documents\\My Games\\GC2DarkAvatar
folder and double click. That's it!


If for some reason you don't like the changes - this does not overwrite any original files. Just delete the files from the
\\My Documents\My Games\GC2DarkAvatar\Gfx\Overlays folder.
137 kb
3827 dls
March 2, 2007
This updated version (with installer) is intended for Dark Avatar and is 100% Metaverse compatible.

Even though I've been playing Gal Civ for a long time I still sometimes forget what the blue, green, and yellow resource icon is at first glance. So I changed all of them:

• The Technology Resource has the universal symbol for atomic energy on it.

• The Influence Resource has the universal symbol for Pluto – which looks a bit like a human figure raising his hands.

• The Morale Resource has a music symbol - reminded me of morale/culture from the Civilization games.

• The Economic Resource has the universal symbol for Neptune – which also happens to look a bit like the Euro currency.

• The Military Resource has a lightning bolt. The coloring and shape reminded me of the Nod in the Command and Conquer games and represents military might.

Creating and placing symbols on the resources without altering the main shape/texturing is difficult since each resource uses a mirror image of itself (each one differently) on its facets. This is why I limited musical notes on the morale resource to just the middle, and why the graphics on the remaining textures look as they do.


What if I don't like it or want to uninstall it?

Just delete the files that were added out of
\\My Documents\My Games\GC2DarkAvatar\Gfx\Models
760 kb
2677 dls
March 2, 2007
This mod replaces the grid-like background in the research screen. A new enhancement of Dark Avatar is the research tech-tree is much more streamlined than before. Additionally, some techs are split into smaller clickable sections. With the old background you couldn't see which were which too well... with this one you can.

I thought the background image was appropriate, one that any sci-fi gamer can appreciate:


This mod should work with any version of GC2 (including Dark Avatar) and is 100% Metaverse compatible.

It does not over-write any files, so if for some reaosn you don't like it you can delete it from your:
\\My Documents\My Games\GC2DarkAvatar\Gfx\ folder.
535 kb
2697 dls
March 2, 2007
Most of the sound effects in the game are really nice... but a few are not so great. This mod is compatible with any version of GC2 (including Dark Avatar) and is 100% Metaverse compatible.

The mod is small and replaces 5 sound files that were hurting my brain after prolonged gameplay.

1. The damaged electrical sound. Any Starship or Starbase that is badly damaged repeats this sound over and over. I've changed it so it's a very subtle effect. One that's now tolerable.

2. Invasion damage/attack sound. Just one file that was so annoyingly loud I had to turn my speakers down every time I went into planetary invasions. This has now been changed.

3. Installing this mod is super easy and the instructions are included in the readme.
201 kb
2496 dls
March 2, 2007
This mod contains a dozen (12) logos in a 'Smileys' style. There's a face for everyone, and more to come as they're created.

I hope everyone enjoys them.

And don't be afraid to leave a comment, good or bad, I enjoy critiques.
306 kb
3737 dls
March 2, 2007
This mod contains 10 different logos in a 'gemstone' style. There's a style for everyone, and more to come as they're created.

I hope everyone enjoys them.
9 mb
14926 dls
February 27, 2007
Dark Avatar Warhammer 40,000 mod

unzip and put in your dark avatar mods folder (details in constructions)

Imperium, 2 chaos, 2 orks, 2 eldar, necron, tau, kroot, squats, genestealers and some cheeky pic changes.
49 kb
4849 dls
February 27, 2007
These 26 ships have been verified to work in the metaverse. You must view the readme.txt as it has DA/DL install varients. These will also work in regular games.

Requirements: GalCiv2 1.5 (should work on older versions too) Collectors Edition Structures if you don't have the latest patch.
2 kb
2423 dls
February 22, 2007
Since the SubspaceAnnihilator weapon didn't come with DA :(
here is mine...


- just extract the file to any mods directory:


- subspaceannihilator (for stats open the file)
- changed doomray model(just the look) to an unused existing one, didn't like the old
- increased neutrino bullets damage to 12 instead of 9 -- however if you don't like it, just delete the whole weapon entry. I just made it to have an alternative to blackhole thingy, because my system lags badly when using it
298 kb
3892 dls
February 17, 2007
This is a promotion pack for the upcoming total conversion to stargate for this game. It contains logo's and 3 portraits.
6 mb
3329 dls
February 17, 2007
6 kb
1993 dls
February 17, 2007
Two scenarios both between good and evil. If your on the good side you're Human, if your on evil you're Dregin. You do not need the mods folder on.
28 kb
42264 dls
February 13, 2007
This is a collection of 18 Terran Alliance ship designs.

- Galciv II DL or DA
- Collector's Edition parts.

All ship designs are without weapons, defenses and engines.
697 kb
206641 dls
February 13, 2007
I thought that I should get my custom designs out there before Dark Avatar extras make them look like dirt. This is my first post and it contains an assortment of some of my (IMO) better designs that were made under the human ship style. It does have three carrier designs which I am very proud of. They are just visual effects and DO NOT add anything to the game. Using KHSM I was able to build fighters seperate from the hull. This also allowed me to have formations of fighters flying next to the carriers. All of the ships are basic hulls with extras. No engines, weapons etc. attached.

You will need the Collectors Edition, the latest KHSM, and GC2 version 1.5. This is my first attempt at this so I hope everything works. Mad props to everyone that have been uploading their ships as it is very time consuming. Good job guys!
2 kb
1986 dls
February 13, 2007
Delean Republic - a custom race

This race uses the Altarian graphics from the original game, and a logo also included with the original game, to create the Delean Republic - a more militaristic and "less good" Altarian sub-race.