3 kb
4645 dls
January 25, 2007
This a huge hull and you need kyros hull system mod v1.8. This was not made for babylon 5 mod i just so happened to have a custom civ called the shadows, i nevered liked babylon 5 and never will, im a Star Trek fan :) It has no componants
33 kb
2005 dls
January 25, 2007
Do you want an Earth raw map similar to this? Well, this raw terrain looks like this. I also changed the Earth like planets color schemes, so they look as ocean planets but with snow, mountains and deserts (just like the original earth like planets but with less ground).

I hope you like it
7 kb
4010 dls
January 18, 2007
==== 1000+ Unique Star Names ====
For every version of the game i think, and languages too...

1000+ Star Names file that can be used in combination with Star Randomizer to experience a fully new fresh game every time... ENJOY ^_^
162 kb
2952 dls
January 18, 2007
MS FrameWork 2.0 is required (like all the new software developed nowadays) so please install it before using this little utility ^_^

This Launcher when executed: verifies, shuffle and backup your STARS file every time, and then launch the game...
An original STARS.txt is provided for uninstallation purpose...
Read the ReadMe.txt and i hope u ENJOY!!! ^_^
66 kb
3233 dls
January 18, 2007
Changes in version 1.31
-Fixed the Dynamic Shielding Module so it appears in the game.

Changes in version 1.3
-Fixed the UP so the new UP issues show up
-Added two new starbase range modules
-Added new defense modules
-Added new ship assist and ship slow modules
-Added a new starbase range tech tree
-Added new a United Planet Issue, Protect Starbase
-Changed AI logic for Protect Minor Races UP vote so Good Races will vote to protect the minor races
-Doubled the range of the sensor modules

Changes in version 1.2
-Fixed the range modules!
-Added Deffensive Stations, which work like battle stations
-Added new protective field modules for military starbases
-Added a cost to the evil attack modules
-Added a cost to the Neutral Trading Post

Changes in Version 1.1
- Righteous Forum now has a cost
- Righteous Forum now requires the Galactic Forum
- Added techs from v1.2 example mod
- Added four new repair modules
- Added an early defense module

Original Mod:

New attack and defense modules for all Evil Weapons and Good Defense
New trading module for Neutral
A new influence module for Good
Two new Range Modules

Protect Minor Races (Three Years)
Protect Minor Races (Forever)
UP Headquarters (Forever)
Susspend Evil Trade - (None - Three Years)
by TOV
1 mb
7089 dls
January 15, 2007
This pack contains 10 new anomalies which appear during gameplay. They do not replace the existing set, but add to them, offering new possibilities. Each anomaly also comes with its own original, unique image!

Tested and functional in v1.4x of GC2.

For more information and installation instructions, please see Readme.txt within the download.

Thank you and enjoy.
by JK
146 kb
2546 dls
January 15, 2007
A series of new "doomsday" tactics which pretty much guarantee victory, provided you have a healthy bank account. Also, certain tactics may "destroy" the planet, making it uninhabitable.

Tactics include:

- Nuclear Apocalypse
- Mega Beam
- Mind Domination
- Mutagenetic Virus

All tactics include their own custom image and description. Updates will include a "Superweapons" branch to the tech tree for better realism, adjustments to cost as well as even more invasion tactics.

Please post any suggestions/bugs so that I can get to work on the next Doomsday project ^_^

Hail XENU!
15 kb
2998 dls
January 15, 2007
A new mass driver to devastate enemy armor.
11 kb
3258 dls
January 15, 2007
Everything you could ever want... in a box.

The UHJC is basically a super cheap planetary improvement which gives the player enormous bonuses on said planet, HOWEVER, there is no restriction on other races using it, meaning that games remain at the same (or perhaps greater) level of challenge for people who play above "Fool" and "Subnormal" difficulties.

I use the UHJC when I want to play a game where techs are researched fast and you can wield massive armies and stupendous influence. Its not meant to cheat, but to make the game more "epic", if you will.

NOTE: Some users may wish to increase the economy bonus the UHJC creates, as it can be very expensive to maintain them early in the game (usually doubling the bonus works).
418 kb
5766 dls
January 15, 2007
This mod includes tech branch giving usefull weapons and defenses.
3 mb
4392 dls
January 15, 2007
This is Dune mod based on Frank Herbert's Dune.

This mod adds:
Planet Arrakis
Planet Geidi Prime
Planet Caladan
Planet Sigma Draconis IV
Custom Race Spacing Guild of Navigators
Custom Race House Atreides
Custom Race House Harkonnen
Custom Race House Ordos
Custom Race Fremen
116 kb
4420 dls
January 15, 2007
This mod adds cool ion torpedo weapon.
316 kb
2514 dls
January 5, 2007
Black Userinterface of the X3GC2 - Rise of the Gerandor Republic Mod

Copyrights: Stefan Gersdorf ( I-Mod Productions )

visit www.i-mod-productions.de (site is in english too)

Install: just unzip into the Main Directory
224 kb
8814 dls
January 5, 2007
Battlestar Galactica Logo

by zazu
192 kb
3255 dls
December 25, 2006
I developed this mod to try and add another element of difficulty and another path to winning the game.
The Mod adds a new line of research which allows the player to start archeolgical digs and to research precurser technology.
Which eventually leads to being able to build improvements so the player can finally build a Precurser Sun-Flare Gun.

This gun is a true Dread Lord Weapon and can wipe out any ships with one hit. It will take almost as much time to research as a Technological Victory,
however, if you get the Sun-Flare Gun you should have no trouble winning the game by race annihilation unless of course other races have researched it as well.
Because of the time it takes the player will have to continue normal research methods, diplomacy and technological efforts or he may be destroyed before he can build the gun.
So it's a real toss up to which way you can and want to win. It's quite a challange.

So I hope you enjoy this. It's my first mod and it should work OK. I've tested it on GCII v1.4 If there are any problems, concerns, or constructive critisims, please let me know:

Email: cjljball@yahoo.com.au