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April 6, 2006
Star Control Race Picture Pack

39 new race images for your pleasure.
I don’t have every race pic could not find decent looking ones.
So the pics are from Star Control II & Star Control III as well from StarCon a sequel never relesed.

Have fun!
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April 6, 2006
This is a screenshot of my new Disruptor effect.

This is a little Preview of the Great Startrek-Mod.

You get Information on "forum.startrekgc2.net"

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April 6, 2006
Six ships in the style of Star Trek's* Klingon Empire in small, medium, large, and huge sizes. To use: extract the files into "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships", start a game, select the desired ship, click "Update", equip with desired components, and save with a different name. You may then make the unequipped ship "Obsolete" so as to not overwrite it for future use. A player can use these as any race.

**** REQUIRES v1.1 or later of Galactic Civilizations II ****

(NOTE: You might play the custom race as Klingons: Courage +25, Hit Points +10, Loyalty +10, Military Production +20, Morale +10, soldiering +30, Weapons +15.)

*Star Trek and all Star Trek related items are the property of Paramount Entertainment.
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April 6, 2006
This is my changed Phasor, you only have to put these files into ->"GFX" -> "weapons" directory

Have Fun and enjoy the battles!

Please give me a response of what you think of it :D
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April 6, 2006
Portrait of His Divine Shadow, evil ruler of the League of 20,000 planets (Lexx).
Put the png file into gfx\race folder with all the other race png files and it will be available to select when choosing your race
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March 30, 2006
A custom portrait for you to use in your games. Made to go with the Ascended Terran Logo!

Please add to yor \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Portraits folder

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March 30, 2006
The New Systems Commonwealth Logo as per the Highguard of the Andromeda (Roddenberry) Universe.

Simply extract to My Documents/My Games/Gal Civ/Logos
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March 30, 2006
Very nice female Portrait. simply extract to your My Documents/My Games/Gal Civ/Protraits folder.
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March 30, 2006
For this mod I simply gave each empire a total of 30 Planet Quality (PQ) points for home systems. I allocated the points in various amounts based on the play style I observed from several games using the Tough AI configuration.

Additionally the "custom empire" homeworld and other inhabitable planet now have a different standard texture and a moon. Furthermore I disabled planet four and five as well.
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March 30, 2006
This file is not really a 'mod' but a useful data table which details for all "Galactic Civilizations II" ships in game what are the direct required technologies.
In this way we know which technologies we need to enable in our game to be able to build all ships we want, without search others unnecessaries technologies.

So, it is a Microsoft Excel file with a table that you could customize the result displayed selecting any information you want (tech cost, components quantity, components cost, damage, absorption, speed, etc.)

The data used corresponding to the 1.0X version of "Galactic Civilizations II".

I hope this file will enlighten you on the ship/technologies.

(guarantee without virus)

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March 30, 2006
28 custom ships, variants for each hull size.
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March 30, 2006
Green Elipse logo, Transparant background.
Place the PNG in your my documents/my games/Galciv2/logos folder
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March 30, 2006
A very simple logo in Elipse shape. Transparant Background

Place in your my documents/my games/galciv2/logos folder.
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March 30, 2006
A kermit the frog leader, for anyone else who wants imagine they are the real frogboy.

Unzip files to C:\Program Files\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\Gfx\Race
and it should appear in game
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March 30, 2006
This is my changed Phasor, you only have to put these files into ->"GFX" -> "weapons" directory

Have Fun and enjoy the battles!